How to Be Sure to Get a Mountain Bike That Fits You


When buying a new bike you need to be sure to get a mountain bike that fits you. Where you purchase your new bike is almost as important and what you buy. If you purchase your bike at a bike shop it will be built with you in mind. However, if you find your bike at the local department store’s toy department it will have been built with a one size fits all mentality.

Before going to the bike shop you should have already decided how you are going to use your new bike. If you are planning on riding your bike off road, over rocks and tree roots growing across the trail, then a mountain bike will be the perfect bike for you. These bikes are made to withstand a rough ride which will make it more expensive. This extra cost is why you have to be sure to get a mountain bike that fits you.

The bike shop salesperson will have the knowledge needed to make sure that your new bike fits you perfectly. This will increase your safety and comfort while riding your mountain bike. To find a perfect sized bike for a man, he must be able to stand over the bike frame with both feet flat on the ground. The bar of the frame must be about the width of the fingers away from the crotch. This method can also be used for women who choose to purchase a bike with the typical male frame.