Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes under 500

Best mountain bike under 1500 – Complete Buying Guide

Best mountain bike under 1500 – Complete Buying Guide

Do you love adventure in biking? Are you looking for a bike within the budget that can support you in off-road riding?

I guess the best Hardtail mountain bikes under 1500 is the best option for fulfilling your demand.

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes under 500

Worried about last experience?

The best mountain bike under 1500 will help you to recover the bad memories of crossing the rocky pavement. The best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500 can be perfect for the beginner and intermediate level riders without major modification.

Hardtail bike is a special type of mountain bike that usually has suspension in the front part of the bike, which absorbs the major shocks of rough trail biking. If you need a bike for regular trekking on the real harsh road, you should consider the surface before buying the best hybrid bike containing road and mountain combination.

Regardless of the pavement or trail’s hardness, the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500 can fulfill your demand.

Quick Overview: 4 Best mountain bikes under 1500

Hardtail Bike



BEIOU 29” Carbon Fiber Hardtail MTB

10.7 – 11.8 kg


Steppenwolf Hardtail 29” MTB

13.00 kg


Hardtail Mountain Bike from BEIOU

10.65 kg


DECK300 27.5” to 29” Hardtail Mountain Bike

37 lbs


Mountain bike under 1500

Mountain bikes are popular among the adventure lovers. People who live near the mountains also love these. However, the coolest bikers prefer the hardtail mountain bike over the rigid or full suspension bikes.

In this modern world, hardtail mountain bikes are an easily available product in the market. Hundreds of manufacturers offer thousands of features and product which are truly confusing for selecting the best hardtail mountain bikes for the money.

To help our audience to get the best product that is worthy of their money, the Mountain Bicycle World brings four best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500 after complete scrutiny of the important elements and available options in the market.

About the best Mountain bike under 1500 – 29” Carbon Fiber BEIOU Hardtail MTB

29” Carbon Fiber BEIOU Hardtail MTBToray T800 Carbon fiber makes the Hardtail Mountain bike ultralight weight. Air fork suspension at the front is the main shock absorbing system.

30-speed option and disc brake ensure proper gripping on the difficult pavement. RT professional mountain bike wheelset with Maxis or Falcon tire allows smooth riding on the rock or rough terrain.

Key Features of the BEIOU Hardtail MTB

  • The BEIOU hardtail bike has a unibody carbon frame which is very durable and lightweight. It makes your riding experience very comfortable by deploying the shock to the overall bike surface.
  • 3×10s Shimano Dore M6000 gear along with Shimano Dore M6000 RD front and Shimano Dore M6000 SL rear derailleur make your ridings under a smooth state of control.
  • Dore M6000 FD – M611 Speed shifter from Shimano will help to grab the smooth control over the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500.
  • Cassette and Crankset are crucial to providing you confidence about the riding on a bike. Power wheel crankset ensures the maximum outcome from each paddling while the SUNRACE 10s cassette makes the controlling system work smoothly.
  • YBN 10s steel chain lasts longer than the regular items and ease for lubrication and maintenance.
  • The UDING DH32 Air Suspension Fork absorbs the shock while rock riding.
  • Steel bicycle spoke has pushed in the disk in one side and the wheel on the other side to confirm the tight holding.
  • Professional RT wheelset with Falcon or Maxis tire makes your rock pavement passing smooth.
  • 29” Carbon Fiber BEIOU Hardtail MTB wh
  • The hydraulic disc brake Shimano M315 is in the front and M335 in the rear to stop instantly in any speed and condition.
  • Red black trail seat from BEIOU ensures a premium softness in riding.
  • Flat handlebar keeps you in sporty position especially in up hilling to assure you aggressive movement towards the success.
  • You will find wellgo m248 paddle as a complementary accessory with the bike.
  • BEIOU provides warranty for two years with some condition which is not clearly mentioned in the manual or warranty guide. The manufacturer prefers your query about the bike to their customer service hotline to assure the best warranty for their bikes. But, once you think for the bike from BEIOU, you will have the assurance to get the best quality hardtail bikes that are worthy of your money.
  • Some key features of the best hardtail mountain bikes under 1500, BEIOU Hardtail MTB is.

Two Different Size (17 inch and 19 inch)

  • Speed: 3 × 10
  • Frame: Unibody Carbon Fiber
  • Suspension: Front UDING DH32 Air
  • Derailleur: Shimano Dore M6000 RD Front and Shimano Dore M6000 SL rear
  • Sifter: Dore M6000 FD – M611 from Shimano
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Dual Disc Brake M315 and M335 from Shimano
  • Product Weight: 10.7 kg to 11.8 kg


  • Ultralight weight and durable frame
  • High-quality Shimano suspension for better shock absorption
  • Perfect gripping in all the rough pavement and trail
  • Instant stop for dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Premium quality saddle
  • Complementary multi-tool kit


  • No rear suspension
  • Complaint low-quality paddle
  • No clear information about warranty
  • Often you need to upgrade the tires and brake wires