6 Reasons Why You Should Ride an Electric Scooter

Are you ready to swap your car for an electric scooter? Still have doubts? Believe it or not, an e-scooter can change your life. You’ll not only save money, but get more exercise and have fun. Today’s e-scooters come in all shapes and styles, so it’s to find the right one for you. Once you learn to use it and go on the streets, you’ll feel confident and empowered. Here are reasons to ride an electric scooter:

No Carbon Emissions

E-scooters are very environmentally friendly and produce no carbon. They’re an efficient alternative transport mode that uses electricity, not fuel. These vehicles are much safer for the environment than cars, motorcycles, and regular scooters.

Lightweight Design

More and more people are switching to e-scooters due to their lightweight design. These vehicles have compact dimensions and can be easily stored when not in use. You can carry them in the bus, in the car, or in your hands while traveling. Some models are so small that they can fit in a backpack. Thanks to their reduced size, they’re easy to control and can be used by children.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Statistics indicate that over 25 percent of users shift from cars to e-scooters to reduce traffic congestion. If one in 10 drivers switched to electric scooters, travel time would decrease by up to 63 percent. These vehicles are small, compact, and fast, so they can be easily operated on high traffic streets.

Reach Your Destination Fast

Electric scooters can reach up to 28 miles per hour. Although they are slower than a car, they glide past traffic jams with ease. This means you’ll reach your destination fast and save precious time. Additionally, e-scooters can maintain a higher average speed than a traditional bike, gaining access to routes that other vehicles can not reach.

Long Term Cost Savings

Every mile you ride on an electric scooter saves you money. The electricity required to power these vehicles costs less than four percent of the fuel costs for a car. Moreover, e-scooters are cheaper and require little or no maintenance. If something breaks, it can be fixed on spot. Most accessories and replacement parts for electric scooters are cheap and widely available.

No License Requirements

From kids to teenagers and seniors, anyone can ride an electric scooter. There is no need to get a license or insurance. This results in time and cost savings. Your only job is to learn to operate the scooter safely.