The Best Tires for Road Bikes

Getting new bike parts is fun, but once something on your road bike has been replaced or updated, the gloss of newness wears off and it’s seldom thought of. Until it fails. As tires connect the bike to the road, a flat or slash in a tire will get one’s attention fast. Glancing at a …

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What to Wear Mountain Biking

Every sport has its own style. Some are simple: playing pickup basketball doesn’t require a lot of thought  with what to put on, other than the shoes. Some are more specific: equestrian and skiing require a special section in one’s closet. While mountain biking can be enjoyed with minimal fuss, beginners still want to know …

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Best Mini Pump for Road Bikes -min

Best Mini Pump for Road Bikes

As a bike rider, you should expect many uncertainties on the road. If it’s not a puncture, it is a flat tire, which means the best mini bike pump has to come in handy. A reliable brand is the Vibrelli mini bike pump. It doesn’t need a valve change as it switches automatically to fit any …

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Best bullhorn handlebars

Best bullhorn handlebars

If you’ve been searching for the most aerodynamic, excellent-to-hold, and affordable bike handlebar, you’ve to check out the best bullhorn handlebars on my list. Bullhorn handlebars might be edgy like a bull’s horn, but they are definitively a comfortable choice. Whether you are cycling uphill or downhill or whether it’s off-road or on-road, you cannot …

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How To Use A Rear Bike Rack

Are you wondering how to use a rear bike rack? It’s straightforward. Once you fit the rack on the back of your bike, you can use it to carry groceries, a pet, a child, or personal items.   To ensure that this is the case, you may have to add a few extras to it. For …

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best bike seat

Best mountain bike seat

Looking to increase the comfort of your ride as you speed through the countryside? Buying a quality mountain bike seat can drastically improve the quality of any off-road ride thanks to increased padding and superior suspension. Making this one small change to your bike’s setup can yield hugely positive results when it comes to the …

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bike lights for night time

Best bike lights for night time

As human beings, there are a lot of activities we engage ourselves in, ranging from work, playing, travels, cooking, entertaining and there are several other physical things which others do that require energy. We all know physical activities are important and a great way to keep yourself healthy and active. There are several outdoor activities …

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Zhiqiu Mountain Bicycle Seat Review

Pros Comfortable padding Good rail adjustment Strong airflow Cons Narrow saddle Bottoms out quickly Heavier than competitors Riding comfortably is one of the most important aspects of being a cyclist. You might not realize when you start, but riding on an ill-fitted or low-quality seat can do damage and cause strain on your body. The …

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