Best Bomber Jackets Womens in 2020

Best bomber jackets womens

The best bomber jackets womens are designed to make women look more attractive while providing the protection they need. They are stylish and timeless, making them the ultimate addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Because of their stunning style, bomber jackets are ideal for party, club, holiday, work, vacation, travel, casual, and outdoor activities, among others. You can wear them on virtually any occasion. Besides, the best quality women’s bomber jackets are a bit light, and, therefore, they can be worn almost throughout the year. Take a look at the ones we are giving the nod in these reviews.

List of​​ the Best Bomber Jackets Womens Reviews

1. Zeagoo Womens Classic Bomber Jacket Coat

We have given this classic bomber jacket for women the first spot because we are impressed with the lining it is made of. The lining is soft and feels great on the skin. As such, you will be able to wear this classic bomber jacket coat for quite a long time. We are also impressed with the design of the jacket. We are particularly happy with the stand collar design that makes this classic bomber jacket coat ideal for daily wear. Another feature we find amazing is the zipper closure. The smooth zipper features a stereoscopic look and, unlike the zippers of most bomber jackets, it is durable. Besides, this womens bomber jacket has rib-knit cuffs and hem that fit your waist snugly to make sure the wind or cold air does not sneak it. The material used to make the jacket is lightweight and soft. For this reason, it makes the jacket perfect for all seasons. We are totally happy with this jacket. So, whether you are looking for a bomber jacket for travel, holiday, casual or outdoor, it is the one you should choose.

2. Mojessy Women’s Floral Print Bomber Jacket Coat

Mojessy Women's Floral Print Classic Baseball Fall Short Biker Bomber Jacket Coat
645 Reviews
Mojessy Women's Floral Print Classic Baseball Fall Short Biker Bomber Jacket Coat
  • Bust:S=36.22"M=38.58"L=40.16"XL=41.73"XXL=43.31"
  • Length:S=23.62"M=24.41"L=24.80"XL=25.20"XXL=25.59"

This bomber jacket coat comes second on our list because we love the floral print. It is unique and makes the jacket fashionable. It also seems to improve the versatility of this bomber jacket coat for women. That being said, this bomber jacket is ideal for party, night out, club, wedding, daily life, cocktail, and beach, among others. It is perfect for all occasions, and this makes it the best choice for anyone who does not want several jackets in their wardrobes or anyone who is economic-minded. The ribbed hem and cuffs prevent the wind and cold from getting in. By so doing, the cuffs and hem play a huge role in keeping you toasty in the cold winter environment. The jacket is lightweight and fits slim; hence, it goes with several outfits including jeans, skirts, booty shorts, and so on. Mojessy is a dedicated manufacturer that is after making quality clothing for women without exaggerating the price tags. So, go ahead and confidently splash a few cash on this jacket knowing that the manufacturer is a good one.

3. Allegra K Women’s Zip Up Bomber Jacket

Allegra K Women's Zip Up Pocket Lightweight Classic Bomber Jacket
31 Reviews
Allegra K Women's Zip Up Pocket Lightweight Classic Bomber Jacket
  • Unlined for Lightness, classic stand collar bomber jacket with ribbed trim, solid pattern
  • Pairs with jeans and tee shirt, fit for spring, autumn or winter, you can wear it for all year long

The Allegra K Women’s Zip Up Bomber Jacket is for everyday style. That’s why we are very comfortable with it coming in at number three. It is made of a soft, lightweight material, which makes it perfect for all seasons. Investing in this bomber jacket womens, therefore, is cost-effective as well as offering a convenient way to upgrade your wardrobe. The jacket is made of 100-percent polyester; hence, it is easy to care for. When it gets dirty, simply put it in the washing machine and wash it with cold water. Furthermore, this bomber jacket comes equipped with a chest pocket that gives you a more attractive look not to mention providing a nice place to keep small items. The jacket pairs perfectly with a tee shirt and jeans, and it is suitable for winter, autumn, and spring. Whether you are traveling, on holiday, or set to enjoy outdoor activity, this jacket should be your companion. Its design is amazing plus it is available in innumerable colors to choose from.

4. HyBrid & Company Womens Bomber Jacket

HyBrid & Company Womens Fashion Color Zip Up Bomber Jacket
593 Reviews
HyBrid & Company Womens Fashion Color Zip Up Bomber Jacket
  • BOLD STATEMENT: This zip up bomber jacket delivers drama, with a bold impact on your outfit. Trimmed in black and boldly colored, it's sure to start a few conversations when you take it out on the town.
  • A MUST HAVE: This surprisingly comfortable jacket can be worn in any occation. A must have for your closet collection

This bomber jacket is specially designed and made for women. It comes in a variety of rich colors and beautiful prints to help cater to all women’s tastes and likes. It is proudly made in the USA with top quality materials so it can deliver just as expected. In addition to being fashionable, this jacket is surprisingly comfortable. In a nutshell, the jacket blends comfort with fashion to deliver a versatile performance. Caring for this bomber jacket is extremely easy, as all you need to do when it gets dirty is to toss it into a washing machine and then dryer for hassle-free cleaning. The jacket is made of several materials, including 5-percent spandex, 20-percent nylon, and 70-percent rayon. The spandex enables the jacket to stretch and fit you perfectly, whereas the nylon fabric gives this jacket the durability it needs. Rayon, on the other hand, makes the jacket super comfortable so you can wear it for a long time. Like other jackets in these reviews, this brand is available in numerous colors to choose from.

5. Cresay Women’s Sequin Zipper Bomber Jacket

Cresay Women's Sequin Fitted Long Sleeve Zipper Blazer Bomber Jacket
  • 85% polyester 15% spandex (Colour Sequin material:Sequin.Sequin colors would be more like a rainbow) lined with smooth fabric
  • Womens colorful sequins jacket

Buying a product by Cresay is a no-brainer. And this is because the manufacturer’s priority is to see its customers satisfied. Well, one of these products is the Women’s Sequin Zipper Bomber Jacket. It is made of 85-percent polyester, and this makes it super durable as well as easy to care for. The jacket is also made of 15-percent spandex that allows it to stretch so it can fit you perfectly and comfortably. It is a unique, beautiful jacket you can wear when going to a party or when you are on vacation. It is available in 3 different colors, which are Colour Sequins, Gold, and Green. The cuffs are ribbed and so is the collar. Having said that, expect the wind and cold to be kept at bay. In order to fit every woman, the bomber jacket is available in a wide range of sizes. These sizes include Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL-Large, and 3XL-Large. Having a jacket that keeps you warm and comfortable without suppressing your personality is the best thing that can happen to a lady. And this jacket offers just that.

6. MISS MOLY Women’s Zip Up Bomber Jacket

MISS MOLY Bomber Jacket Women Lightweight Zip-up Long Sleeve Biker Cycling Outfit with Pockets
25 Reviews
MISS MOLY Bomber Jacket Women Lightweight Zip-up Long Sleeve Biker Cycling Outfit with Pockets
  • ✔Very Lightweight: Light bomber-style rather than an authentic bomber, this jacket is well sewn, you don't see any defects such as non-functional zipper or loose threads. 
  • ✔Cute and Flattering: Multiple pockets, great for you to carry cell phone and billfold. Also, If you needed a light weight jacket for your trip in case get chilly at night, it’s works well for you.

MISS MOLY is like any other top manufacturer out there that is dedicated to producing wonderful products. That being said, its women’s zip-up bomber jacket will no doubt meet your needs. It is a classy-looking jacket that can be paired with a t-shirt inside and jeans for a stunning, unique look. It is available in numerous sizes, including X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. These sizes make it easy to find what fits you perfectly. Besides, the bomber jacket has two side slant pockets that provide a nice place to keep some necessities while on the go. Another reason why we have considered the jacket for selection is the unique style. The style features unlined material and boasts a little see-through to fully bring out the uniqueness of this jacket. Ideally, it makes the jacket light enough to wear on cool autumn or spring. When the jacket gets dirty or you feel that it’s starting to develop an odor, simply wash it inside out and you are good to go.

7. Allegra K Women’s Raglan Zip Up Bomber Jacket

Allegra K Women's Raglan Long Sleeves Quilted Zip Up Bomber Jacket with Pockets
504 Reviews
Allegra K Women's Raglan Long Sleeves Quilted Zip Up Bomber Jacket with Pockets
  • We recommend you to choose the size that is slightly bigger to avoid uncomfortably.
  • Stand Collar, Ribbed Trim, Side Zipper Pockets, Fully Lined.

Allegra K has another quality bomber jacket we would like to bring to your attention. What makes this jacket stand out is the classic silhouette that combines with the fully lined interior to keep you comfortable all day long. We are also pleased with the general style of the jacket that will go well with your favorite pants. The jacket features a stand collar, and it is fully lined so it can serve its primary purpose, which is to protect against the wind and cold. This jacket also has a ribbed trim and side zipper pockets that come in handy for carrying necessities. It is machine wash cold, meaning caring for it when it gets dirty will not be a tedious task. Plus it is built to help you see off several cold seasons. That being said, the jacket is made of both nylon and polyester. For a perfect fit, the manufacturer recommends that you choose a size, which is slightly larger. Some of these sizes are X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

8. Levi’s Two-Pocket Hooded Bomber Jacket

Levi's Two-Pocket Faux Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket
112 Reviews
Levi's Two-Pocket Faux Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket
  • Attached soft jersey hood
  • Quilted poly twill lining

Levi’s has been making great clothing for quite some time now. That’s why we are not surprised to note that this two-pocket hooded bomber jacket is one of the best womens bomber jackets on the market. It is different from ordinary bomber jackets you see around. Well, it is different in the sense that it is hooded. Most bomber jackets are not hooded; hence, we see this as an advantage. The hood on this jacket enables it to provide more protection against the cold. What’s more, this bomber jacket is made of 100-percent polyurethane, and this plays a big role in making it one of the most durable jackets you have ever seen. Besides, the polyurethane fabric is extremely easy to care for. It goes without saying the jacket is machine washable for quick and hassle-free cleanup. The spacious patch pockets provide a perfect place to keep what you may need while you are far away from home. Other features of this jacket are stretch rib knit cuffs & hem and quilted poly twill lining.

9. Levi’s Mixed Media Bomber Jacket

Last but not least, we have another impressive jacket from Levi’s. It is a mixed media bomber jacket that is ready to protect you and at the same time make you look good. It is machine washable; hence, caring for it is a no-brainer. It is made of a variety of materials. For instance, the body is made of 100-percent polyurethane, the sleeves are made of 100-percent polyester, and the lining is made of 100-percent polyester as well. All these materials are top-notch and, therefore, help improve the durability of this bomber jacket. Ideally, the bomber jacket is available in more than a few colors, which are New Navy/Black, Green Faux Leather/Black Suede, New Faux Leather/Black Faux Suede, and Navy. The color options are a bit laid back; thus, they go with a lot of outfits. You can wear them with any jeans and a t-shirt. Furthermore, the jacket is available in numerous sizes so you can easily get what fits you perfectly. These sizes are X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Women’s Bomber Jacket

There are a number of factors that should be at the back of your mind when you are buying a bomber jacket for women. These include:

The price

You have seen from the reviews above that the prices of bomber jackets for women vary greatly. Some jackets are insanely cheap and you can buy in a snap. Others, on the other hand, are quite expensive and need proper budgeting. That being said, it is recommended that you set an appropriate budget and then use it to choose a suitable bomber jacket. This will prevent you from overspending or buying something you don’t want.


A lot of manufacturers produce bomber jackets for women. Therefore, it can really be confusing to know which manufacturer should be relied on. Fortunately, we know some of the manufacturers that will never disappoint when it comes to providing you with quality bomber jackets. Some of these manufacturers are Levi’s, Allegra K, MISS MOLY, and Zeagoo.


Even after finding a well-priced jacket from a renowned manufacturer, you may still have your doubts. And if you do, one place to clear them is at the customer’s reviews section. In this place, a spade is called a spade. Therefore, reading it before committing to a particular jacket is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a bomber jacket during winter?

Although bomber jackets are advertised as all season, they are not highly recommended for winter. But if you feel that you must wear yours during winter, be keen to wear a lot of layers underneath.

Can I wear a bomber jacket to work?

Yes. Because of their style and design, most bomber jackets are perfect for almost any occasion, including work.

Are bomber jackets for women waterproof?

No. And perhaps this is another reason why they should not be your go-to jackets during winter. Conclusion Bomber jackets for women are ideal for holiday, travel, party, club, casual, and daily wear, among others. They are timeless, stylish, and will no doubt take your cool look to a whole new level. But like any other product, bomber jackets come in several brands and are priced differently. So, before buying one, it is imperative that you do in-depth research.

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