Best bullhorn handlebars

Best bullhorn handlebars

If you’ve been searching for the most aerodynamic, excellent-to-hold, and affordable bike handlebar, you’ve to check out the best bullhorn handlebars on my list.

Bullhorn handlebars might be edgy like a bull’s horn, but they are definitively a comfortable choice. Whether you are cycling uphill or downhill or whether it’s off-road or on-road, you cannot go wrong with a decent bullhorn handlebar.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about what bullhorn handlebar to buy as I’ll guide you. I’ll not only provide you with a buying guide for the bicycle accessory, but I’ll also review five of the top bullhorn handlebars today.

But before that, let’s understand why buying this handlebar makes sense. Why a bullhorn handlebar and not any other? Check my explanation below.

Top 3 bullhorn bike handlebars

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5 Best Bull Horn Bicycle Handlebars

  1. Origin8 Bullhorn Handlebar – Best Overall
  2. Retrospec Bull-Horn Style Handlebar – Best For Road Bikes
  3. Pure Fix Bullhorn Handlebar – Best For Fixed Gear Bike
  4. State Bicycle Co. Handlebar – Another Best Pick for Fixies
  5. UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar – Most Budget-Friendly

Why Switch To The Best Bullhorn Handlebar?

The problem with most handlebars, primarily flat bars, butterfly bars, and riser bars, is that they are less aerodynamic.

That means they are not good at cutting through wind resistance when cycling. So, you are likely to slow down or even lose balance when the wind against you is stronger.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with bullhorn handlebars. These bars offer you a low-lying aerodynamic posture to allow you to continue cycling at an almost consistent speed. That’s is despite the wind resistance.

Another issue with most handlebars is that they don’t give you enough room to hold. As a result, you put too much pressure on the body when you cycle uphill.

Again, fortunately, that’s not the case with road bike bullhorn handlebars. With a bullhorn handlebar, you have more holding room, making it easier to find a perfect posture when cycling uphill.

Other tremendous advantages of bullhorn handlebars include:

  • They offer you better bike control
  • The handlebars let you ride faster and with less effort
  • Bullhorn handlebars are generally lightweight and durable
  • The bars have an edgy but cool look

Buying Guide For The Best Bullhorn Handlebars

Here are the key considerations when shopping for a bullhorn handlebar:

  • Quality Material

You must invest in a quality bullhorn handlebar. You wouldn’t want it to break when cycling or to start rusting.

That’s why going for a material choice like aluminum makes sense. It’s not only tough and rust-resistant but also lightweight.

Furthermore, the material option is cheaper. Other choices like titanium, steel, and carbon bullhorn handlebars are decent, thus worthy considerations.

  • Clamp Diameter

You must get the diameter fitting right if you want to have better bike control. Essentially, bullhorn bicycle handlebars come with two major variations of the clamp diameter; 31.8mm and 25.4mm.

So, before you can buy your bullhorn handlebar, confirm this vital detail. Remember that you need enough space to clamp the brake for easy access when riding.

  • Handlebar Angle

The handlebar angle is critical in offering you riding flexibility. So, it’s a must-consider.

For one, the middle section of the handlebar should be uniformly straight as much as possible. That’ll encourage a smooth ride.

Don’t stop there. Look at the curves. They should be gentle to allow you to have a smooth grip as you cycle.

  • Handle Comfort

The handlebar needs to feel comfortable to encourage you to ride long-distance. So, it needs to have enough grip, which means going for a non-slip option.

Most 31.8mm bullhorn handlebars are designed with multiple hand-positions, which is a must consider. The options generally protect you from wrist pain.

Also, having a wider hand positioning area improves the handlebar’s hand comfort.

Other Considerations For The Best Bullhorn Bicycle Handlebars

  • Drop Function

Most bull horn handlebars offer you a 40mm drop to promote better forward riding. The drop function is one reason why these handlebars are very aerodynamic.

So, with it, you can count on your bike to travel at a uniform high speed under windy conditions.

A good drop gives you confidence when riding, regardless of the terrain. More importantly, it enables you to have better control of your bicycle.

  • Handlebar Suitability

Not all bullhorn handlebars are compatible with all bikes. Some are compatible with road bikes and others with fixies.

So, the handlebar that you pick must be compatible with your bicycle. Check the product specifications first to see if the handlebar suits your bike.

You should also go ahead and check its user manual to confirm that the handlebar is compatible with your bike.

  • Correct Price

The best bullhorn handlebar comes at a reasonable price. So, how much does a decent bullhorn handlebar cost?

Well, you can expect to spend $14.99-$40 on a bullhorn handlebar. Of course, the price varies depending on brand and construction quality.

5 Best Bullhorn Handlebars

Below are the finest bullhorn handlebars.

1. Origin8 Bullhorn Handlebar – Best Overall

Origin8 Bullhorn-II, 31.8 x 420mm, Black
74 Reviews
Origin8 Bullhorn-II, 31.8 x 420mm, Black
  • Pursuit style Bullhorn handlebar
  • 6061-T6 Tubular alloy construction

Weighing not more than 320g, the Origin8 Bullhorn Handlebar is a fantastic lightweight bullhorn handlebar for the modern bike.

Its construction is 6061 aluminum, which explains its lighter weight but more importantly, the material gives it durability.

Its mid-section has a glossy finish to give it a cool look, while its holding angles are well-textured to provide it with anti-slip properties.

Physical appearance aside, this bullhorn handlebar is incredible in performance. It gives you better bike control, owing to its perfect 31.8 clamp diameter.

Its horn angle doesn’t disappoint either, as it is neither high nor steep. The only downside is that the handlebar lacks end caps.

Highlight Features

  • 6060 aluminum build
  • Excellent horn angle
  • Lightweight design
  • 8mm clamp diameter

2. Retrospec Pursuit Bull-Horn Style Handlebar – Best Bullhorn Bicycle Handlebars For Road Bikes

Retrospec Bicycles Pursuit Bull Horn Style Lightweight Alloy Handlebars for Track Bike, Black, 31.8mm
511 Reviews
Retrospec Bicycles Pursuit Bull Horn Style Lightweight Alloy Handlebars for Track Bike, Black, 31.8mm
  • Bullhorn bar with a subtle Drop for a comfortable forward position
  • Shaped to provide numerous hand positions for speed and comfort

Coming in an aggressive look, the Retrospec Pursuit Bull-Horn Style Handlebar promises character and performance.

It’s made from rigid 6061 aluminum, which gives it solidity and durability. Its messenger-style design provides you with multiple holding positions to encourage speed cycling and better control.

The handlebar is generally ergonomic, which means you don’t have to fear wrist pain when cycling long-distance.

Plus, it enjoys a subtle drop that gives you a comfortable leaning posture. 

The handlebar generally has an aerodynamic design, thanks to its narrow 31.8mm clamp diameter.

Highlight Features

  • 6061 aluminum build
  • 8mm clamp diameter
  • Messenger style
  • Subtle drop

3. Pure Fix 42cm Alloy Bullhorn Handlebar – Best Bullhorn Handlebars For Fixies

Pure Fix 42cm Alloy Drop Handlebar, Black
64 Reviews
Pure Fix 42cm Alloy Drop Handlebar, Black
  • 42cm alloy Drop handlebar for fixie, road and track bikes
  • Have an ISO standard 25.4mm stem clamp diameter and 22.2mm brake clamp diameter

The Pure Fix 42cm Alloy Bullhorn Handlebar is another lightweight and fairly-priced bullhorn handlebar compatible with fixed-gear bikes.

So, if you have a fixie at home that you would love to upgrade, you cannot go wrong with Pure Fix 42cm Alloy Bullhorn Handlebar.

The fixie bullhorn handlebar is a perfect blend of physical appeal and performance. Its design allows you to push your weight forward more, and that makes cycling almost effortless.

The bar curves forward and then downwards neatly to provide you with sufficient handgrip.

It’s easy to fit on your bike, but you’ll need to buy the bar tape and end cups as they don’t come with the handlebar.

The handlebar has a 22.2mm clamp diameter for the brake and a 25.4mm clamp diameter for the stem.

Its high-grade drop gives you more control and a more aerodynamic position.

Highlight Features

  • High-grade alloy drop
  • 2mm brake clamp diameter
  • 4mm stem clamp diameter
  • Aerodynamic design

4. State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Handlebar – Another Best Bullhorn Handlebar for Fixies

State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike Handlebars, Bull Horn, Black
62 Reviews
State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike Handlebars, Bull Horn, Black
  • State Bicycle Co. Bullhorn Bars
  • 40cm center-to-center

The State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Handlebar is another-perfectly crafted bullhorn handlebar for fixies.

This bullhorn handlebar comes in a perfect 40cm size and enjoys a 26mm stem clamp diameter and a 23.8mm brake clamp diameter.

It is made from steel, thus reliable. However, despite the material being steel, the handlebar is generally lightweight.

 It’s available in a stylish black finish, anodized green, anodized red, white, gold, and silver, among others.

What’s more, it comes with a one-year warranty, which is just incredible.

Highlight Features

  • 26mm stem clamp diameter
  • 8mm brake clamp diameter
  • 1-year warranty
  • Multi-color choices

5. UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar – Most Budget-Friendly Bullhorn Handlebar

UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar Aluminum Alloy 25.4mm 37cm for Fixed Gear Bike Road Bike
432 Reviews
UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar Aluminum Alloy 25.4mm 37cm for Fixed Gear Bike Road Bike
  • Bullhorn handlebar for road bike, fixie bike (fixed gear bike),messenger style bike
  • Shaped to provide numerous hand positions for speed and comfort

The UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar is a budget-friendly option that suits fixies. But still, it’s perfect for the messenger-style bike and road bike.

It is lightweight, rust-proof, and durable, owing to its 6061 aluminum alloy construction.

The handlebar comes in a matte black finish to complement your bike. Its horns are flawlessly designed, and you get enough space to enjoy multi-hand positions.

In addition to allowing multi-hand positions, its distinctive shape allows better hand comfort and fast cycling. Plus, it enjoys a 25.4mm clamp diameter.

Overall, the installation is almost a breeze, and so is its maneuver. The only major downside is that the handlebar is short.

On a positive note, though, its shortness makes it more aerodynamic.

Highlight Features

  • 6061 aluminum build
  • Matte black finish
  • Multi-hand positions
  • 4mm clamp diameter

FAQs About The Best Bullhorn Bicycle Handlebars

1. What Are Bullhorn Handlebars?

Bullhorn handlebars are handlebars that curve upwards and forward, just like a bull’s horn. Their top part, the horn, is essential in promoting aggressive cycling.
It allows you to take on climbs with a lot of power while also maintaining uniform speed. Moreover, the handlebar gives you more stability when cycling.

2. Are Bullhorn Handlebars Good?

Yes, they are. For starters, they are more aerodynamic than most handlebars.
Bullhorn handlebars compel you to take a low-lying cycling posture, which is vital in resisting wind drag.
The handlebars also provide you with more holding room and a perfect angle to conquer climbs.
31.8 bullhorn handlebars are generally hollow, thus lightweight, and easy to maneuver.
You should note, however, that they have a few downsides, just like other handlebars. They are shorter than flat bars, making it slightly hard to take quick sharp turns.

3. How Do I Choose The Right Handlebar?

For starters, you have to choose a handlebar that is compatible with your bicycle. Its size should be perfect for your bike.
Generally, the handlebar should be wide enough to have a comfortable hold and clamp the brake correctly.
The handlebar should also be from quality material. So, preferably got for aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber bullhorn handlebars. The material choices are not only lightweight but also reasonably strong.
The handlebar should also feel comfortable. That means it should possess anti-slid properties and should offer you multi-hand positions.
Furthermore, the handlebar should be aerodynamic to resist wind drag. That’s what you get from the bullhorn handlebars on my list.

4. Where Can I Buy A Bull Horn Handlebar?

You can do it on Amazon. Visit today by clicking on the images I’ve shared or the ‘check current price’ links for the individual handlebars.

5. How Do I Hold A Handlebar?

Handlebars have three primary holding positions. You can hold it on the hood, which is the most comfortable position.
The hood is ideal when riding long-distance. Holding it there allows you to slow down and shift gears quickly as they are easily accessible.
You can also hold it on its top or drop. The drop is ideal when you want a more aerodynamic position.
You can also hold the top when cycling long-distance. However, it would be best to avoid the position in a crowded place as it can be hard taking an emergency brake.

6. What Is The Difference Between A Bullhorn Handlebar And A Pursuit Handlebar?

Though most people use the two terms interchangeably, they are not the same. A bull handlebar generally curves upwards and forward.
The pursuit handlebar also curves the same way. However, it has a slight drop before curving upwards.
Performance-wise, nevertheless, both handlebars are aerodynamic and give you better bike control.

Concluding Thoughts On The Best Bullhorn Handlebar

In conclusion, above are the best bullhorn handlebars, in my view. They comply with the buying guide, and after reading customer reviews, I do not doubt that they are the best.

So, I recommend them if you are planning to upgrade your handlebar. You will not regret getting the right bullhorn handlebar.