Best Cheap Electric Bikes: Our Reviews

Electric bikes are trending today; they have become a viable alternative to traditional bicycles due to their ability to provide electric pedal assistance on the hard parts of the route, such as bumpy roads, mountain hills, and inclinations. Besides, this eco-friendly alternative to motor vehicles is very appealing to people who care about the environment and wish to reduce their carbon footprint. All these benefits an ebike offers have caused a steadily rising demand for ebikes in the USA and across the globe, with over 300,000 units sold in the United States in 2019 only.

So, what is an ebike, and how does it work to help the rider? The system of their operation is strikingly simple yet effective, allowing the flexibility of use; once you don’t need electric assistance, you may ride a bike as usual, and once the road curve gets challenging, you may turn the pedal assistance mode on and pull the throttle every time you need an electric stimulus.

Here are the key facts about the ebike’s working principles:

  • Each ebike’s electric assistance system consists of three elements: the motor, the battery, and the drivetrain. All of them activate only when the user turns on the pedal assistance or electric-only mode of riding. In all other cases, ebikes function as usual bicycles.
  • The ebikes are equipped with batteries of varying capacity, typically ranging from 250W to 800W.
  • Speed limits apply to ebike use across the globe. For instance, in the USA, you can’t ride an ebike faster than 20 mph (32 km/h), while in most European countries, the maximum permitted speed is 15.5 mph (25 km/h). So, the manufacturers of mass-market ebikes don’t offer bikes capable of reaching impressive max speeds – you still won’t need that lightning speed.
  • When choosing the ebike, pay attention to the type of sensor (i.e., the drivetrain) that the bike comes with. Speed sensors engage the system immediately after the rider starts pedaling the bicycle, while the torque sensor type is activated to match the speed of the biker’s movement. Thus, the latter more flexible and responsive to the rider’s style, delivering as much electric assistance as you need.

Our Pick of Top-3 Best Cheap Electric Bikes in 2021

With so many ebikes flooding the U.S. market, you may find it hard to choose the best budget electric bike suiting your need and not causing a strain on your financial resources. Here’s our review of the top seven picks from Amazon, allowing you to compare the functionality and features of the best low-cost models currently available on the market. Read on to choose your best bike without paying too much for redundant features and brand marketing.

ANCHEER AN-EB005 Dolphin Electric Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle 350W is listed among the best folding ebikes on the modern market. One of its main advantages is a lightweight folding frame, which makes its exploitation more convenient. Today, a reliable folding electric bike with a light frame is not that easy to find.

This model was designed to be a trusted companion on your way to work or school. Because its folding frame is made of aluminum, it is super easy to carry this ebike with one hand, and it also won’t take much space in your garage, house, or apartment. The peculiarities of its construction allow you to store and move your two-wheeled friend painlessly.

The weight of this cheap electric bike from ANCHEER is only 26.5lbs, which is an average index, among other such models. Its anti-pressure function only adds to your convenience whenever you use this bicycle to run errands or enjoy a pleasant cycling trip to your friends’ house. Whenever you find yourself in need of taking your bike with you on a long bus or train ride, this ANCHEER model is one of the most hassle-free vehicles you can imagine.

According to the manufacturer, this budget electric bike was inspired by Mother Nature—more precisely, dolphins and the smooth shape of their bodies. It also looks stylish and cute, meeting the design requirements of young people. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle can boast of an impressive shock-absorbing capacity thanks to its air-filled rubber wheels and enhanced adhesion so that you feel comfortable no matter where you go on this bicycle. The tires come with an anti-slip feature, which will come in handy whenever you are conquering roads of various quality. Additionally, the design of this model allows its owner to climb hills, embankments, and any slope up to 10°.

This ANCHEER bike is equipped with a durable 350W motor, which can help you ride up to 15 miles per hour. It also comes with a small 36V lithium-ion battery, which means you will be able to ride for about 11 miles without any need to charge your vehicle. In case you want to charge your ebike, it will take only 3 hours to get the battery filled up. Because of its mile range and potential speed, this folding electric bicycle from ANCHEER is perfect for short rides daily.

The maximum speed this best budget ebike will provide its owner with amounts to 13–15 miles per hour. It may seem underwhelming, but it is decent. Nevertheless, you may find it a bit difficult to mount steep slopes and hilly areas. There is no need to worry about riding this folding electric bike under different weather conditions because it is IPX5 waterproof (water splashing is avoidable at any angle), as well as shock-resistant.

This best budget electric bike from ANCHEER features enhanced reliability. Both front and rear mechanical disc brakes of this stylish vehicle allow progressive braking, enabling you to stay safe even on the slippery roads.

One of the top examples of the best cheap electric bikes, ANCHEER AN-EB005, comes with the LED display with backlighting, which ensures you can see the readings in all lighting conditions. Thanks to the cruise control function, the same speed will be maintained regardless of the quality of the road. This feature provides the convenience of both short- and long-distance travel on your folding ebike.

How to launch the cruise control function? You simply need to twist the throttle and hit the green button on the panel simultaneously, so that the vehicle gets the speed at which you would like to ride. Remember that you do not have to twist the throttle all the time during your trip.

Mind that the high-speed motor, the battery, and the charging device come with a one-year warranty. The manual mentions that this best affordable electric bike from ANCHEER should be used for rides primarily on flat roads. It would also be better to purchase it directly from the manufacturer to have comprehensive warranty coverage in case any inconveniences or issues occur.

All in all, ANCHEER AN-EB005 Electric Bicycle is one of the most trustworthy representatives of the best cheap electric bikes on the market. The manufacturer implements only the latest, high-end technologies and top-quality materials in their models and always strives for improvements. But keep in mind that although this model is a decent choice of a cheap ebike, it is not the fastest electric two-wheeled vehicle available, and it is not very suitable for riding in steep regions.

Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike

The black-colored model from Jetson Bolt Folding E-bike is a stylish electric bike that is easy to fold and store (or carry on with you) when you are traveling to work, shop, or around the neighborhood. Along with its lightweight construction and ergonomic design, it will help you avoid all the worries connected to the traffic. In case you are in search of the best affordable e-bike, pay your attention to this Jetson model.

Since some instances of electric bikes can be quite bulky, the Jetson manufacturer made sure that this model could be easily folded to take up very little space once you finished using it. The dimensions of this smart best bike are as follows: 40 inches x 20 inches x 37 inches. The design of the Jetson Bolt Folding E-bike with improved portability also positively adds to its convenient transportation. For those bike riders who live in the apartment, you no longer need to bother lifting a heavy ebike up the stairs, as a compact structure of this electric bicycle shows off the aluminum frame. The total weight of the model is 34 pounds, while its weight capacity is almost nine times higher—the maximum load is 250 pounds. Mind that these parameters are indicated for riding on relatively flat ground.

Another exciting feature of the construction of this folding cheap electric bike is that it has no pedals. Instead of them, the owner of the bicycle can rest their feet on two solid pegs for better comfort. Just like any other vehicle that can be classified as the best cheap electric bike, this Jetson creation doesn’t require you to perform a lot of movements-just sit on a comfortable leather cushion, relax, and enjoy your ride to work, school, or wherever you are heading.

As for the speed and mile range of this best cheap ebike, it represents an above-average index-15.5 miles (or 25 kilometers) per hour. At the same time, the peak endurance of this best bike from Jetson with a folding function is a bit over 17 miles (around 27 kilometers), which will be enough for a reasonably distant ride.

Such a high-speed potential of this budget electric bike is owed to the use of a reliable 250W motor and a big 36V lithium-ion battery. Those two will allow you to ride your two-wheeled vehicle for several hours without charging at a decent speed of up to 13 miles (21 kilometers) per hour. If you still need to charge the battery, it will take from 2 to 3 hours.

This example of the best cheap electric bikes also comes with improved safety. Since many cyclists also ride at night, this Jetson cheap ebike features built-in front and rear lights. This way, you don’t have to worry about going home late from work or meeting with friends. Yet, the advanced reliability of this impressive electric bike doesn’t end here. It was created with the thought of decreasing the chances of an accident in places with poor illumination.

One of the best budget electric bikes from Jetson is equipped with 12-inch tires produced from robust rubber with shock-absorbent function. They were used for enhanced traction and, thus, a more smooth ride under any conditions. Thanks to the waterproof level of IP54, you are destined to get excellent riding experience even on rainy days. Besides, this best affordable electric bike comes with a disc brake and a horn, which are conveniently placed on the handlebars. There, you will also find the power switch, battery control panel, and green cruise control button.

What is a cruise control option? Such a function, often implemented not only in cars but also the best cheap electric bikes, represents an electronic system that creates comfort during a long journey. This feature keeps the speed of your folding ebike constant. When using it, you don’t need to keep pedaling all the time. For longer rides, the system creates additional convenience because when using it, you don’t get tired. Besides, it helps to save battery power.

One more helpful feature of this best budget ebike created by Jetson, which is hard to overestimate, is the unique smart app. By using it, you can learn and adjust a host of vital functions of your ebike, including speed, remaining electricity charge, current temperature, cruise control, front headlight, etc. With the help of this smart application, the owner of this best affordable e-bike has the opportunity to set ride distance and self-check option for the unrivaled riding experience. Also, it is possible to turn on and off your electric bike from Jetson whenever you feel like traveling by bicycle.

ANCHEER AN-EB006 Folding E-bike

Among the best cheap electric bikes, this folding e-bicycle from ANCHEER is one of the most suitable options, especially for people inexperienced with electric bikes. This model represents a top-notch traditional bicycle running on electricity and possessing improved functionality for higher-quality rides. With the help of this bold-looking bike from ANCHEER, you can quickly get to work, school, mall, or reach any other desired destination within its mileage. You can forget about nerve-wracking traffic jams or crowded public transport, as this cheap electric bike will come to your rescue. It is pretty convenient to use, so you can navigate to the designated place and enjoy the scenery of your city at the same time.

The best about this model of the ANCHEER electric bikes is that it operates in two modes—a traditional e-bike and an assisted bicycle. When purchasing it online, mind that the vehicle arrives almost completely assembled by the company’s delivery department. However, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to complete the assembly without outside assistance. In essence, the construction of this impressive cheap ebike allows you to figure out what to do and how quickly. Besides, the design of this electric e-bike enables the owner to adjust the bike cushion to get the most comfortable position for your traveling, no matter what height or age you are. Along with that, the weight capacity of this two-wheeled vehicle is around 220 pounds, while the bike itself weighs about 37 pounds.

As for the size of its folding frame, which is made of lightweight steel, it is 16 inches long. That is why this electronic bicycle is so easy to fold and store. Besides, even if you are going on a long-distance adventure, you can still take it with you. The unique structure of this ANCHEER creation turns its transportation into an effortless process. It is possible to fold its robust foldable frame in just a few seconds, which is especially handy when you are riding through different areas.

Two operation modes, as well as its super-reliable construction, ensure that ANCHEER 36V EB006 electric bike can conquer hills and slopes of up to 15°. Even though it is recommended to ride mainly on flat surfaces, as in the case with other best cheap electric bikes, that extra effort when overcoming mounds and hills might be beneficial to your health and physical shape.

The majority of this stylish electric bike’s essential parts are made of sturdy, top-quality materials, such as high-durability carbon steel and aluminum alloy, making it an even more reliable partner in longer rides. Thus, in addition to the folding frame, collapsible pedals, as well as front and back wheels, the ebike’s significant elements are covered with a double-layer aluminum alloy.

When it comes to the technical performance, this ANCHEER folding ebike 36V EB006 is equipped with a 250W high-speed brushless motor powered by a removable 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery. These parameters allow you to gain speed of around 16 miles per hour. The mileage depends on the mode in which this budget electric bike operates. For instance, you can travel about 15 miles (25 kilometers) on pure electricity or use half of your battery charge and enjoy a ride of 30 miles (50 kilometers). If you need to take a look at the battery power indicator, its LED version is located on the left handlebar. Remember that the replaceable accumulator can be recharged when it is inserted into the frame and when you take it out. The battery fully recovers within 4-6 hours.

All parts of this cheap electric bike from ANCHEER, including motor and battery, have a one-year warranty, except for the frame.

While choosing the best affordable electric bike can be quite a challenge because of the massive variety of decent models presented on the market, perhaps, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the safety of a chosen vehicle. In ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike 36V EB006, there is a built-in horn to signal loudly to pedestrians and other drivers during movement. Of course, one of the best bikes of this brand is also equipped with double mechanical disc brakes that come into operation instantly when you hit them.

Riding this reliable electric bike is both simple and comfortable. Just follow these steps and enjoy your ride:

  1. Insert the ignition key into the battery and switch the power on.
  2. The motor will kick in after the first pedal turn.
  3. Now you can choose to stop pedaling and manage speed with the help of handlebars.
  4. In case the throttle is not in use for more than half a minute, it will switch off automatically.
  5. To start this cheap ebike from ANCHEER, you will have to pedal.

#4 SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

To date, SwagCycle is one of the leading brands producing electric bikes with collapsible frames. Among its primary product lines that are in high demand among cyclists of all ages is the SwagCycle Pro series. This line consists of convenient, powerful, and stylish vehicles with an improved design—namely, a folding metal frame and collapsible handlebars. Such e-bikes are perfect for daily commutes to work or school, to the shopping center or a friend’s home, as they are quite fast, reliable, and compact. One of the best cheap electric bikes produced by SwagCycle has the following dimensions: 43 x 8.8 x 24.5 inches. Its weight is a bit over 30 pounds (or around 14 kilograms). Yet, the load capacity of this electric vehicle is impressive—264 pounds (or 120 kilograms)—which is almost nine times its own weight! The construction of this exact model of a “green” electric bike is executed in a somewhat bold style implies the use of a sturdy folding frame made of such durable material as steel with aluminum alloy.

The SwagCycle Pro ebike represents an eco-friendly, portable electric bicycle helping its owner to travel in style. Only the cutting-edge technologies concerning electric transportation were applied during the creation of these two-wheel vehicles. This best cheap ebike for everyday rides comes with a 350W durable motor, as well as a small 37V lithium-ion battery. The accumulator capacity is 4.4AH. These parameters will allow you to go on an exciting bike journey for a few hours before you will have to charge your SwagCycle Pro. In case the battery dies, the whole recharging process will take from 3 to 4 hours.

Another great thing about this top-notch electric bike is that it comes with a compact charger slot instead of a massive tangle of charging cables that you are required to carry on with you everywhere you go. SwagCycle Pro electric bike boasts a practically placed charging compartment that contains the charging cable. Thus, if you need to recharge your two-wheeled friend, you’ll need to open the charger slot and plug the cable into an outlet.

When talking about the performance of this cheap ebike with somewhat daring design, it shows above-average parameters. For instance, the maximum speed of this SwagCycle model is more than 18 miles (29 kilometers) per hour. It might seem low compared to cars, but it is better than most e-bikes available on the market. As for the mile range of this budget electric bike, it is 15.5 miles (about 25 kilometers) per one charge.

One of the best cheap electric bikes available for the SwagCycle Pro model makes sure that you can go anywhere you want—city streets, seashore, or even hillocks and barrows. The only thing to keep in mind during such rides is that this electric bike can overcome any incline up to 12°. It is thanks to the air-filled rubber wheels offering decent shock resistance and enhanced traction that you will have a highly convenient, steady ride no matter where you go. However, the operation manual suggests riding this representative of cheap electric bikes on the flat terrain due to the safety measures.

Dual disc brakes and ultra-powerful headlight represent the advanced safety of this budget electric bike created by SwagCycle. To turn this LED light on, hit the button integrated into the throttle and navigate safely during the night or under poor lighting conditions.

Last but not least, a helpful feature of this reliable electric bike is the Swag Cycle II application in which you can set your location, speed, and more. It can also be used to see the remaining battery energy. Besides that, this example of the best cheap electric bikes comes with a USB port, using which you can charge your mobile devices to always keep in touch with your family and friends.

This remarkable electric bike from one of the top-rated manufacturers of e-bikes allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy surroundings while you let the throttle navigate you to your destination. For better comfort of the cyclist, this trendy best cheap electric bike from SwagCycle features two robust pegs that the rider can put their feet on.

With all these handy functions and features, the SwagCycle Pro cheap electric bike may be the best e-bicycle in the lower price range!

SWAGCYCLE EB-5 Plus Folding Electric Bike

This cute all-black ebike with small 14” wheels may look too petite for some prospective buyers, but don’t let its looks fool you. It’s a very powerful ebike equipped with a durable 36V battery enabling a ride for 15.5 miles on one charge only. The mileage you can cover is impressive, while the max speed you can attain on this vehicle is also quite good—up to 15 mph.

The ebike’s composition is solid and reliable, with a thick frame allowing the maximum load of 242 lbs (which the users report to be easily managed by the model). You may be put off by its small wheels, but in fact, they only add the power to this ebike as it’s easier for the motor to thrust them.

Another benefit you’ll enjoy if buying the Swagtron EB-5 Power Assist E-Bike is the ease of storage and transportation. Looking really compact even in the unfolded state, it becomes indeed minuscule when folded. Thus, you can easily place it into the trunk of your car, no matter how small, or store it in the closet during cold, rainy days without sacrificing home space.

One important observation about this ebike in use is that its battery and motor construction are fixed stably without shaking and dragging during the pedal-only mode of riding. The speed sensor on the ebike lets you control the entire process of traveling and take action to accelerate or brake when necessary.

Those who are worried about assembling the ebike may buy the Swagtron EB-5 model without anxiety as it comes completely assembled, with just a couple of final touches required from the buyer. You’ll only need to fix the handlebar and a couple of small things to set it in motion, without any bolt and screw work.

Are you looking for a bike for the entire family, suitable both for kids and adults? Then this hit by Swagtron EB-5 is what you need due to its advanced customization possibility. You can easily tailor the entire construction to the height and weight of your child if you’re not planning to use the ebike yourself, and it will deliver the same excellent experience to your children without any safety concerns.

In a nutshell, we might say that it’s a definite favorite in terms of great design, impressive durability, and the ability to handle large weights and long distances. However, in terms of the features and accessories, the model is lacking. For instance, you won’t find any headlights or backlights in the manufacturer’s assembly, so you’ll need to buy them as extras to guarantee your safety at nighttime. Next, you won’t be able to cover steep terrains on your Swagtron EB-5 companion as it’s ideally fitted only to flat roads. Even though it won’t become your partner in mountain rides, you can have a decent trip across the town on it.

RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric Bike

RINKMO is one of the leading ebike manufacturers specializing in developing and producing technology in the electric bike industry. Therefore, the company invests in patented technology and excellent design in the ebike niche. This folding ebike is an excellent choice for commuters seeking to enjoy a better experience, precision, and value for money.

This folding ebike has three-level power modes that are both flexible and easy to operate. Moreover, the electric bike has a stable and sturdy battery management system designed to ensure the bike doesn’t overheat, overcharge, and consumes less power.

If you like riding in muddy places, this budget electric bike is your best bet as it has protective fenders against mud splashes.

You can count on this budget electric bike to help you enjoy your night rides as well. This ebike has an LED headlight, a rear alarm light, and an electric beep bell. All these assist you in enjoying road safety due to higher night visibility by other road users. The manufacturer also factored user safety by fitting the bike with dual disk brakes. Therefore, it has a shorter braking distance, allowing you to control it easily in the face of an emergency. Its brakes are fitted on the bike’s front and rear wheel.

For those seeking the flexibility and comfort of charging their batteries, this electric bike is also a good match. It has a removable battery that is easy to charge at home or in the office. This way, you don’t suffer the inconvenience of carrying the entire bicycle to a charging site.

This model is one of the best affordable e-bike options on the market because it comes with a three-speed mode and a power assist, allowing you to choose the style of riding according to your preference. If you like monitoring things, you will love this best affordable electric bike as it features a smart LCD speedometer. This panel displays your real-time speed, your cycling mileage, and your remaining power. This way, you won’t run into sudden battery depletion. Also, its LCD backlight is visible in all weather conditions and at any time.

If you are looking for an electric bicycle that is easy to control, this machine is one of the best affordable electric bike options on the market. It is designed for smooth operation by all users. For instance, you only need to press “M” for three seconds to switch its speedometer on or off. Also, you can start the motor and go forward by simply twisting the electric bike’s throttle or pedaling the bicycle.

No need to worry about the assembly challenges as this bike comes preassembled. You only need to unpack it and start riding. However, when choosing this electric bike, you should be ready to bear with weak tires that are costly to replace.

Swagtron SwagCycle Classic E-Bike

If you are a big fan of folding electric bikes, then the SWAGTRON SwagCycle should be your first love. This electric bicycle is one of the most affordable options on the market. It looks and sells like a bicycle but gives you the feeling of riding a motorbike. Moreover, this cheap ebike has a 36v lithium-ion battery that charges fully within two and a half hours. That way, you don’t need to wait forever before the next journey. You can also use it to charge your smartphone on the go using its built-in USB. Besides, the ebike allows you to perform different operations from the bike’s handlebar. For example, you can accelerate the cheap electric bike, stop it, check its battery status, honk, and turn on its headlamp.

This folding bike combines durability and lightness perfectly. It is a lightweight machine that weighs a mere 24 lbs due to its aerospace-grade aluminum frame. However, it’s strong enough to support weights of up to 264 pounds. Also, it is easy to control the folding.

You can enjoy this folding bicycle with a 12-month limited warranty from its manufacturer. Therefore, you can rest and have peace of mind knowing that the company will take care of any arising matter within that period.

If you fear hard-to-maintain ebikes, choosing this cheap electric bike will save you the trouble. It’s super easy to maintain it. For example, you can hose it with water and get it sparkling clean.

So, why does this bike fall under the cheap and best bracket? Because it is just that—affordable. You pay this much for all the great benefits you can find on high-priced ebikes.

Additionally, this model has a battery monitor that lets you track its status. This way, you can plan when to recharge the bike so that you don’t end up stranded because of a flat battery. The manufacturer also factored in safety for different road users by equipping the vehicle with a practical horn to alert other road users of your oncoming presence and avoid accidents. Moreover, it has rear and front lights that make it noticeable at night or during poor visibility conditions.

Buying Guide

Now let’s proceed to what you need to know about the best cheap electric bikes on the market. When choosing the best cheap ebike from the many options available, you may be confused at times. To help you out, we will cover the most critical factors to consider when choosing the best budget electric bike for your biking needs.

Your Desired Range

When choosing the best budget ebike, first consider the distance you will need to cover per full charge or mile range. This factor is critical when selecting an ebike, especially for hilly terrains. To find out your ebike’s mileage, you have to know its battery capacity. This way, you will be able to estimate how much power you will require to commute daily. For example, if you commute 18 miles daily, you don’t necessarily need a bike with a 35-mile range. However, it’s prudent to exceed your ebike’s range by at least 40-50%. Therefore, if your daily distance is around 10 miles, it’s better to buy a bike that can cover 14-15 miles in one charge.

Type of Drive Systems

Second, you ought to consider the type of drive system the bike has. The market has two main ones: mid-drive (hub) and friction motor mount. Hub motors mare mounted on the hub of your best cheap electric bike’s front or rear wheels. The hub motors are advantageous for users who plan to drive their ebikes in the snow or sand. A friction drive, in turn, is installed at your bike’s front or rear tire. It provides a greater power-to-weight ratio than a hub motor does and improves the user experience because of no extra weight to the wheels. However, hub motors are cheaper, so they are used in 95% of all modern affordable ebikes.

Battery Type and Capacity

Third, you have to factor in the type of battery your desired best cheap electric bike has, as well as its capacity. Ebike batteries have improved in recent years. For instance, most electric bikes on the market use lithium-ion batters, while the lead-acid battery type is getting phased out slowly. Lithium-ion batteries are better as they charge faster, weigh less, and last longer (coming with at least 800 full charge cycles).

As far as the battery’s capacity is concerned, keep in mind that larger batteries will serve you better since they will have a better mile range. However, they take longer to charge fully.

Type of Pedal Power Assistance 

It’s also important to consider the bike’s pedal-assist type before buying it. We have two types of pedal assists on the market, namely motion and power sensors. Motion sensors activate every two to three pedal rotations and ignore your pedaling speed afterward. Inversely, power sensors start when you begin pedaling and pedal faster later. The latter type of assists is cheaper and more comfortable than motion sensors. So, if you value comfort more than anything, go for the best cheap electric bikes with power sensors.

Wheel Size 

Wheels are critical when choosing the best cheap electric bikes. The models currently available on the market have different wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 27+ inches. The 27.5-inch wheel size is excellent for those seeking a faster bike. 29-inch wheels are the best for tall riders and those riding in muddy conditions frequently. If you want to enjoy the best grip on the road and a stable ride in some weather conditions, go for 27.5+ inches. Whatever wheel size you choose for your electric mountain bicycle, remember to inflate them well.

Brake Type

Lastly, factor in the brake type the best cheap electric bikes have because stopping is as critical as riding. A reliable braking system is a must when choosing from the best cheap electric bikes on the market. Electric bikes have varying weight sizes, and hence, they can attain different speed levels. Therefore, consider the braking quality and type to ensure your safety.

When it comes to brakes with the highest safety, it’s prudent to go for hydraulic brakes. However, you could still choose motor brakes since they recover energy when you brake to recharge the battery.


So, what is the best electric bike you can buy in terms of prices? Now that we’ve reviewed the top-seven ebikes with an attractive set of features, coming with moderate price tags, probably the answer this question gets clearer, though not evident. Ebikes are quite different; each comes with its set of unique features, strengths, and weaknesses, thus with a unique appeal to distinct buyer categories. Whether you opt for a more expensive ebike with higher battery capacity, a more extensive mile range, and quick recharging times or choose a cheap but practical one with some modest characteristics depends on your priorities and budget. But here is a couple of things which we’d like to address once more in a discussion of what makes the best bike:

  • The battery should charge quickly and operate according to its estimated official capacity, not letting you down half-way.
  • Check the braking system of the bike; it has to be efficient and reliable enough to bring your ebike to a full stop fast enough even at the max speed.
  • Driving in the poor visibility conditions may not be your plan, but staying at the friends’ house longer than you wanted or getting caught by a mist or rain is always a possibility. Make sure it has rear lights and headlights, bright enough to make you seen in the dark to avoid collisions. A horn is also a helpful addition.
  • Think of the maintenance before buying the bike. If the manufacturer has no representative office in your area or doesn’t provide any warranty coverage, it’s a red flag. Your ebike won’t always be brand new; you’ll need to fix some issues from time to time, so it’s better to buy one only after making sure that the maintenance won’t cost you a fortune.

With these tips and quality criteria, you may now proceed to buy the best electric bike suitable for your needs and wallet. Enjoy the ride!