Best Cyclocross Bikes Under $1000-min

Best Cyclocross Bikes Under $1000

While beginners and novices are better off going for a cyclocross bike in the sub-$500 category, the same can’t be said for more experienced riders. That’s why we’re covering the best cyclocross bikes under $1000 as well.

After cycling through the internet for the best options, here are some of the best cyclocross bikes that you can buy for under $1000!

Tommaso Siena Shimano Tourney Cyclocross Bike

Tommaso Siena - Shimano Tourney Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes, Extra Wide Tires, Perfect for Road Or Dirt Touring, Matte Black - Small
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Aluminum Compact Frame combined with an SST Steel Fork for Maximum Durability, backed up with our industry leading Lifetime Frame & Fork Warranty. Frame is drilled for all varieties of racks and fenders, making the Sentiero Tourney the ultimate commuter and touring bike.
  • POWERFUL PEFORMANCE & SPEED: 3x7 Shimano Tourney Groupset, featuring a 30/39/50T Claris crankset and 12x28T Tourney cassette. Perfect for varying terrain, from flats to hills, offering a wide range of gears for all levels of riders in all conditions

We’re starting off this category of the best cyclocross bikes with a bang with the Tommaso Siena. Immediately, this bicycle is head and shoulders above all the bikes in the sub-$500 category.

It combines a compact aluminum frame with an SST steel fork to help provide maximum durability and ensure that the end product remains lightweight as well. Thanks to the lightweight design, the Siena absolutely speeds through on both off-road and on-road terrains.

When it comes to drivetrain, Tomasso made the choice to go with a complete Shimano system. The bicycle features a full Shimano tourney drivetrain in combination with Shimano tourney shifter system. Consequently, you get to experience some of the smoothest shifts.

The incredible performance of the Tommaso Siena makes it one of the best cyclocross bikes under $1000. However, it doesn’t just stop there. The Siena features an optimal frame that ensures that the bike remains comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you have to ride for 10 miles or 100 miles, the Siena will remain supremely comfortable. Thanks to the combination of brilliant performance and comfort, the Siena is our top pick for a cyclocross bike for under $1000!


  • Performs incredibly well on both on-road and off-road terrains
  • Full Shimano drivetrain makes switching through gears smooth
  • Very comfortable


  • Limited availability

ANCHEER Electric Cyclocross Bike

ANCHEER Electric Bike Folding Electric Commuting Bike/Mountain Bike with 26' Magnesium Alloy Integrated Wheel, Premium Front and Rear Suspension and 21 Speed Gears
231 Reviews
ANCHEER Electric Bike Folding Electric Commuting Bike/Mountain Bike with 26" Magnesium Alloy Integrated Wheel, Premium Front and Rear Suspension and 21 Speed Gears
  • FOLDING ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE --- This bike adopts ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum. Double shock absorption. Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and 21-speed professional transmission system. Perfect climbing ability.
  • ULTRA STRONG WHEELS --- 26 inch magnesium alloy integrated wheels with anti-slip resistant thick tire-- suit for trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, increases hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability.

Most people that are looking to start with cyclocross, worry about how they won’t have enough stamina to keep up. Riding for long periods on pavements and then shifting to trails can tire anyone out.

However, the Ancheer folding commuter/mountain bike makes cyclocross so much more accessible. Cyclists can choose between picking the E-bike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike modes.

When you’re in E-bike mode you get power from a 36V 8AH battery and a 250W stable motor. As a result, you can reach a top speed of around 17mph. The maximum charge of a battery can range between 15 to 30 miles. That’s more than enough to cover a full day’s activity.

Another fun feature is the assisted cycling mode. The mode helps you accelerate quickly when you twist the throttle. You can combine all three modes on a single trip.

Most people tend to have the misconception that electric bikes aren’t durable and are only for on-road riding. However, this Ancheer bike breaks all those misconceptions. It comes with a brilliantly designed full-suspension that capably absorbs any bumps.

A slight drawback of the bike is that it doesn’t have great ground clearance. When you’re off-roading, there’s a metal bar on the bottom that gets caught occasionally.

Another common issue is the throttle wire can become loose and that causes the throttle to stop working. However, despite these few drawbacks, the Ancheer folding commuting/mountain bikes is one of the best cyclocross bikes under $1000!


  • Makes cyclocross easy
  • Three smart riding modes
  • Smart full-suspension


  • The ground clearance can sometimes become an issue while off-roading
  • Throttle wire becomes loose with wear and tear

Schwinn Volare 1300 Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Schwinn Volare 1300 Adult Hybrid Road Bike, 28-inch wheel, aluminum frame, Blue
72 Reviews
Schwinn Volare 1300 Adult Hybrid Road Bike, 28-inch wheel, aluminum frame, Blue
  • Schwinn aluminum fitness frame and rigid fork offer quick, agile riding; 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • 14-speed shifters provide smooth and easy gear changes

Schwinn are known for making some brilliant hybrid bikes that work brilliantly for cyclocross as well. One of these bikes is the Schwinn Volare 1300.

It features a sporty aluminum frame that encourages the cyclist to travel at higher speeds. The lightweight frame in combination with a rigid fork makes the bike feel agile and snappy.

When you’re switching terrains, the 14-speed shifter will ensure that pedalling never becomes too much of a chore. Thanks to the alloy crank and double chain ring setup, shifting through the gears feels delightfully smooth.

While it’s definitely a fast and agile bicycle, the brakes aren’t anything to write home about. They manage to bring the bike to a stop but they definitely feel a little unresponsive.

Schwinn made an error with the seat design as well. For longer journeys, you’ll definitely need to consider investing in a more comfortable saddle.

The agile steering and decent speed of the bike make it an exciting proposition, but it’s definitely held back by the unresponsive brakes and the supremely uncomfortable saddle.


  • Agile handling
  • Smooth gear shifts
  • Capable of reaching high speeds


  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Unresponsive brakes

SDU 26″ Electric Cyclocross Mountain Bike

SDU 350W Electric Mountain Bike for Adults SDREAM T350, Hidden Design 48V/10.4Ah Removable Battery, 26″ Gray Ebike Max 20 MPH Cruise Feature, Front Suspension Bicycle for Mountain Trail/Commuting
124 Reviews
SDU 350W Electric Mountain Bike for Adults SDREAM T350, Hidden Design 48V/10.4Ah Removable Battery, 26″ Gray Ebike Max 20 MPH Cruise Feature, Front Suspension Bicycle for Mountain Trail/Commuting
  • SAFE HIDDEN BATTERY - The battery is completely hidden in the bike frame, making the body look more integrated and aesthetic. Compared with the traditional external battery, this design can better protect the bike to ensure the stability and safety of the electric system while riding on the rugged terrain or in bad weather, brings users a safer riding experience. This impressive 48V/10.4Ah 500Wh battery can provide up to 50 miles riding range on a single charge.
  • UPGRADED LED DISPLAY - The new T350 has greatly upgraded the control panel, which is easier to use. Added Cruise Control and adjustable Backlight functions. Cruise Control help riders maintain a certain desired speed without engaging the throttle or Pedal Assist. The smart LED display can adjust assistance levels, check speed and battery status, record mileages, show riding statistics and remind any abnormal situations. T350 supports both Pedal Assist mode and Thumb Throttle mode.

We’ve all seen how effectively an electric mountain bike can perform in cyclocross competition and the SDU 26” electric mountain bike is another great example.

It features a beautiful streamline design and lightweight aluminum frame. Unlike most electric bikes, the appearance isn’t chunky either. The battery is completely hidden in the bike frame and makes everything look more  integrated.

Speaking of the battery, it’s powered by a 48V/10.4Ah 500Wh battery that’s capable of providing a maximum range of 50 miles on a single full charge. Thanks to the 350W high speed brushless motor, the bike can reach a maximum speed of 20mph.

The bike features a 6-speed gear shifter that allows cyclists to change their pedal ratios according to the terrain. On the front there’s a professional mountain bike suspension that’s capable of absorbing any obstacles and bumps.

While the SDU 26” electric mountain bike is a great option, it has an overly complex installation procedure. Several customers complain about it requiring a lot of adjustment to put together properly.

Furthermore, the controls of the bike aren’t as intuitive as other e-bikes on the market. Just turning the bike on is an unnecessarily complex procedure.

It might be a great electric bike option, but the Ancheer commuter manages to outperform it significantly.


  • Battery integrated into frame perfectly
  • Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 20mph


  • Overly complex installation procedure
  • Controls aren’t intuitive

Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike, 18-24 Speed Drivetrain

Schwinn Vantage Mens/Womens Sport Hybrid Bike, 18-24 Speed Drivetrain, Aluminum Frame, Flat Bar, Disc Brakes, Smooth Ride Technology, Multiple Colors
131 Reviews
Schwinn Vantage Mens/Womens Sport Hybrid Bike, 18-24 Speed Drivetrain, Aluminum Frame, Flat Bar, Disc Brakes, Smooth Ride Technology, Multiple Colors
  • Designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want to go further and faster on a high performance bike
  • Schwinn Smooth Ride Technology adventure frame features an elastomer soft tail suspension that provides optimal comfort wherever your adventure takes you

Schwinn is one of the most prominent bicycle brands and is known for making a variety of high quality bikes. One of their best cyclocross bike offerings is the Schwinn Vantage.

Keeping beginner and intermediate level riders in mind, Schwinn designed the vantage to accommodate both groups of riders.

A lightweight and durable aluminum frame ensures that you don’t have to worry while pushing the Vantage to its absolute limits. Even at high speeds, the Vantage feels supremely comfortable thanks to the smooth ride technology frame.

On off-road terrains, you can take advantage of the 21-speed drivetrain to shift into the appropriate gear. While it doesn’t offer the same snappyness as other systems, it’s still a very decent drivetrain.

Another attractive feature of the vantage is that it comes with both rack and fender mounts. You can customize the bike according to your need, whether you want to cater it more towards commuting or touring, it’s completely up to you!

Where the Vantage lets you down is the complex assembly. Instead of following the traditional semi-assembled shipping, the Vantage comes requiring full assembly.

It can be difficult for a beginner to get everything together and visiting a professional might be necessary!


  • Smooth ride technology frame provides a very comfortable ride
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders
  • Features rear and fender mounts


  • Gear shifting isn’t snappy
  • Need to visit a professional for assembly

All the bikes above represent a great example of high-level cyclocross bikes that are ideal for cyclists that are serious and enthusiastic about cyclocross. However, there’s still a higher tier of the best cyclocross bikes!