Best electric bike under 1000

by Kevin Stard

The best electric bikes are transforming mobility in cities, so much so that more and more people want to get one of these. Are you fed up with unnecessary jams in the morning to go to work? Do you find it difficult to traverse ascending slopes both in the city and in the mountains? Do you really want to contribute to the fight against climate change? You remember that Orbea bicycle when you were little because now they are electric. What a burden, right? You need one of these in your life.

Many times we hesitate between an electric bicycle or an electric scooter, well, in this article you can solve your doubts and decide on the one that best suits you. There are even really functional folding electric bikes to save space. Here you can find comparisons, opinions and a guide to make the best purchase decision.

Best Electric Bike Under 1000$

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike For Adults Review

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 26'' Electric Bike with Removable 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, 21 Speed Shifter (Black)
1,043 Reviews
ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 26'' Electric Bike with Removable 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, 21 Speed Shifter (Black)
  • Strong Body – The fork is made of carbon steel and the handle bar is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike light weight yet very sturdy. These metals can take heavy weights as well as rough terrain, and has djustable seat/handbar angle/stem's length set. thus making this an apt mountain bike.
  • Brake & Gear Shift Systeml – With front and rear disc brakes and 21-speed transmission system, you can choose any speed according to your needs. The perfect brakes fully protect your safety. And the horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding

Ancheer Power Plus is the best electric mountain bike, both the morphology of its wheels and the accessories it has incorporated is perfect for rough roads and urban. This bike is made of 100% aluminum alloy, and Fork is made of carbon, providing it with high security and lightness when rolling. It has a custom engine above the rear-wheel-drive pedals. The structure of its frame is perfect to increase power on long slopes that together with the engine you will not have terrain that will resist you. What’s more, you can always reach 25 km/h, being the maximum speed. The removable battery of this electric bike is 12.5Ah/8AH lithium and boasts a range of 65 kilometers, it can last longer if we optimize pedaling assistance. The ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat, lightweight, and efficient design will offer you a pleasant experience. Gear changes guarantee a smooth and versatile 21-speed system, while the rear and front disc brakes provide high safety. You will find it at a cheaper and more affordable price than the competition because this electric mountain bike is under 1000$.




Swagtron EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike Review

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike, 16-Inch Wheels, Swappable Battery with Keylock & Rear Suspension (Black),Large
265 Reviews
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike, 16-Inch Wheels, Swappable Battery with Keylock & Rear Suspension (Black),Large
  • Ride Your Way – A hybrid mix between a traditional bike and an electric power bike, the Swag cycle EB7 Elite features 16-inch wheels and three riding modes: throttle-only, pedal-only or power-assisted pedal-to-go. More than just another battery bike.
  • Extended Mileage – Capable of going up to 15. 5 miles on a single charge, with a powerful 350W motor capable of throttle-only speeds up to 18. 6 mph. The Swag cycle Elite electric road bike is truly built for the long haul.

Swagtron is presented as a clear proposal for outdoor activity. With this electric mountain bike and its optimized electric system, you will be able to resist any stony route. Manufactured using aluminum alloys, the Swagtron electric bike weighs 23 kg, including the frame, air-filled wheels (16 inches), and electrical components. In short, very light, robust, and safe. Its electrical components are really efficient and quality. It has an integrated 350W motor, and a (36V 5.2 Ah) lithium removable battery capable of driving the user up to 25 km/h  (varies with individual use) and with a speed of 30 km/h (throttle only). It features a sturdy aluminum frame, fork, and dual disc brakes. The handlebar has a mini screen integrated that offers an on-board browser where we can see the different levels of assisted pedaling and the battery capacity at all times. We are showing you one of the best electric mountain bikes under 1000$ offering multiple features, its price is below in the market, you can get this electric bike for a reasonable rate as compared to other bikes with these features.




ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Electric bike is a lightweight, classic style and with an integrated electric battery. This electric bike incorporates a 500w brushless motor, with a 36v and 112ah removable lithium battery, allowing you to travel up to 29 – 38km (electric only) at a maximum speed of 33 km/h. The battery must be recharged for 4 hours. With Ecotric bike you can play with up to 3 levels of assisted cycling, very useful to decide when you want to use the motor and the battery. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy its 7-speed gears when it comes to crossing different slopes and pavements. The frame is made of aluminum, it has 20-inch wheels (50.8 cm) making it a high-rise electric bike. On the handlebar you can monitor the distance traveled, speed, battery capacity, and the level or mode of level assistance. It has numerous accessories such as fenders, rear, and front disc brakes. It is a best bike for all-terrain. It has a very affordable price considering its high performance, you can get the best electric bike under 1000.




NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH Matte Black 27.5'
121 Reviews
NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH Matte Black 27.5"
  • Sturdy, light weight, easy handling: With a lightweight but sturdy aluminium alloy frame, the NCM Prague weighs in at 55lbs including electric components and maintains all the handling qualities of a regular mountain bike
  • Optimized electric system: The Das-Kit 350W rear-drive motor, 468Wh DeHawk battery and Das-Kit L6B LCD display and controller form the electronic system of the NCM Prague. Each component has been carefully selected to provide top quality performance and will help the rider reach 20mph with ease. The display offers 6 levels of pedal assistance (or level 0 if you don’t want any help) and the E-bike has a range of up to 60 miles in Eco mode.

This model from NCM Prague is the best electric mountain bike. It weighs 24 kilograms, which helps in a smooth and simple drive to use it comfortably in urban areas. NCM electric mountain bike features large 26/27.5/29 -inch tires(comes with 3 different sizes), an aluminum frame, fork, front suspension, and saddle to cushion shock and vibration. On the other hand, it is featured with its own 21-speed rear cage for all types of slopes. The battery of this electric bike is very compact, is integrated into the lower tube, and can provide a range of up to 100 km in sustainable mode (ECO). Additionally, you can use it to charge your electronic devices using a USB cable. Complementing the battery is a powerful 350w rear-drive motor, capable of maintaining a cruising speed of 30 km/h for extended periods. On the handlebar, there is a Das-Kit L7B screen where you can control and monitor the speed, battery life, and pedaling assistance level equipped with 6 different power levels. It has a mechanical disc brake with 3 finger brake lever. It is a very functional model offering very high performance, classified as one of the best urban bicycles, which we can find for less than 1,000$.




NAKTO 26″ Cargo Electric Bike

NAKTO 26' 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery and Battery Charger
461 Reviews
NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery and Battery Charger
  • {HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & AFFORDABLE PRICE} :The electric bikes adopts High-strength Carbon Steel Frame, the front fork is made of High-strength Carbon Steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption.Affordable Direct to Consumer Pricing (Sell directly from factory),Why are our bikes often less than half the price of comparable bikes on the market? Because we sell direct to you, the consumer.We ensuring you're always getting the best deal on your electric bike
  • {HIGH-QUALITY BRAKE & GEAR SHIFT SYSTEM}:This electric bike with front V Brake and rear Expansion brake and 6-Speed-Transmission System, you can choose any speed according to your needs. The perfect brakes fully protect your safety. And the horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding

Another great electric ride bike with a very urban style. You can use it both to go to the office and to walk around your city on weekends. Nakto Cargo has 26-inch wheels and is made of carbon steel, making it approximately 30-45kms (22-28Miles). However, this is not a problem when it has a 250w motor, a 36V 10Ah lithium battery providing 2 modes of pedaling assistance. Moreover, it has rear expansion and front v brakes, 6-speed gears, ergonomic saddle, and led bright headlights in the front will make your routes pleasant and safe rides. It has numerous accessories such as fenders, chain covers, bell, luggage rack, adjustable seat with a rear and front light. This electric bike is suitable for both men and women, at a fairly cheap price if we take a look at current market prices. You can find this bike one of the best electric bicycles under 1000.




Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

Aceshin 26'' Electric Bike, Electric Bicycle with 36V 8Ah Removable Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery, 250W Motor and Professional 21 Speed Gear
40 Reviews
Aceshin 26'' Electric Bike, Electric Bicycle with 36V 8Ah Removable Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery, 250W Motor and Professional 21 Speed Gear
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】The Electric Bike adopts high quality aluminum alloy frame. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption; The front and rear wheels are double layer aluminum alloy wheel.
  • 【250W POWERFUL MOTOR】Equipped with 250W brushless motor and the removable 36V 8Ah lithium battery support 25km/15.5mile ( E-Bike Mode ) to 50km/31mile ( Assisted Mode ) ridding, equipped with smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only need 4-6 hours. Adapting to need of your long-distance riding.

Aceshin is the best electric mountain bike for off-road terrain and for smooth use in the city. Its ergonomic design and quality materials are an excellent option when buying an electric bike. It features 3 assisted intelligent pedaling modes, we can use it in electric mode, pedaling mode, or both at the same time. Additionally, we have 21 speeds that will help to overcome steep slopes, where you can reach a speed of up to 30 km/h. Its weight is reduced by 23.6 kg and the height of its wheels of 26 inches in height provides this electric mountain bike with excellent adaptability for stony terrain and multiple slopes. As for safety, it has front and rear disc brakes that together with the front light and the horn are ideal for night trips. Let’s talk about the electrical part, the removable 36V / 8AH lithium battery can have a range of 25km (E-mode) and 50km (assistance mode). In short, the Aceshin offers great benefits at a price below the market, since you can get this electric mountain bike under 1000$.




Kemanner 26′ inch Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle for Adult (Black/Red)
17 Reviews
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle for Adult (Black/Red)
  • 【THREE RIDING MODES】 Non-Foldable E-bike & Assisted bicycle, you can choose what way you like.Suitable for riders between 165-190cm.Mechanical front and rear disc brake design and 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system.250W Germany motor technology could achieved 25-35km/h 15-21.7mph. Perfect climbing ability
  • 【LARGE-CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY】36V/8AH li battery supports 25km/15.5mile ( E-Bike Mode ) to 50km/31mile ( Assisted Mode ) ridding. Equipped with smart lithium battery charger for fast charging (4-6 hrs).

This electric mountain bike offers quality features, both technical and electronic. Kemanner is made of aluminum, featuring a sturdy frame and a front shock-absorbing fork, weighing about 22.2 kilograms, ensuring safety and resistance to stony ground. The 26-inch wheel size gives you a smooth and versatile ride. Although it has 21 speeds, they are not indicated for steep terrain and extreme routes. However, the 250W stable rear-drive motor of this electric bike is ideal for increasing power on steep slopes, easily allowing us the maximum speed of 25-35 km/h. Kemanner incorporates a screen on the handlebar where you can control multiple indicators, allowing you to adjust the output power of the battery, its capacity and monitor the 6 levels of pedaling assistance. It has a horn and front LED headlight to allow you to ride safely at night time. It also has an integrated removable lithium battery with 36V 8A with an autonomy of up to 35-70 km in sustainable mode (ECO). Electric mountain bikes offer more features than urban electric bikes. You can get the best electric mountain bike 1000$.




Eahora 26inch Mountain Electric Bike For Adults

Eahora 26inch Mountain Electric Bike 350W Urban Electric Bikes for Adults with Removable 48V Lithium-ion Battery, E-PAS Recharge System, Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shifts, XC100
31 Reviews
Eahora 26inch Mountain Electric Bike 350W Urban Electric Bikes for Adults with Removable 48V Lithium-ion Battery, E-PAS Recharge System, Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shifts, XC100
  • 【E-PAS RECHARGE TECHNOLOGY】The 350W brushless motor and the intelligent controller are connected with E-PAS system. Effectively increase the cruising range by 40% at the same power and speed. Ride faster(> 15 mph at PAS 0/1) for longer that automatically charges the battery for 20% power as you ride. EPAS system regenerates 60% energy when you’re going downhill without energy consumption.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY】6061 Aluminum alloy frame, Front suspension fork with aluminum shoulder and iron legs. It’s built to let you push your limits: off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow and beaches. The whole XC100 weighs 50lbs. The fashionable mountain bike frame has been strictly tested to ensure its stability while reducing weight. An ideally companion for both commuting and outdoor exercising.

This Eahora model is specially designed for urban use. Its design and characteristics make it ideal for adults. Eahora electric bike has a 48V 10.4Ah removable Samsung lithium battery. To charge if full you will need approximately 5 hours. Also and accompanying the battery, it has a small electric motor with three levels of assistance helping you to climb the different slopes that you can find on your way. It has 7 speeds, dual disc brake, and front suspension fork. Additionally, it is made of aluminum, and it weighs only 22.6 kg although its height and dimensions are large. Moreover, the accessories that this electric bicycle has integrated make it even safer front led and tail reflected lights, and user-friendly display.




Guide To Buy The Best Electric Bikes

We have gone from heavy and speedless bikes to very light electric bikes integrating motor with pedaling assistance. To have more detailed information about this type of bike, which is causing great sensations among consumers. What’s going on? Just as mobility in cities is evolving at a frenetic pace, the category of electric bicycles is also evolving. However, it is not easy to choose which one suits our needs, therefore, the following guide made by experts will make you decide quickly.

An electric bike will help you if:

Which one is better electric bike or electric scooter?

It is a somewhat difficult question to answer, however, we will try to get the best answer. Both products improve our mobility in urban areas and allow us to contribute to the environment and fight against climate change. Find here the advantages and disadvantages of each one, in our opinion, an electric bike can generally have a higher price, however, its functionalities and uses are broader.

Electric Bike

The electric bicycle, in addition to facilitating mobility around the city without having to use public transport, provides us with a healthy habit, such as exercising every day, our body is sure to be luxurious. On the other hand, depending on the model you choose to buy, you can use it both in the city and mountain terrains. The only downside we find is when it comes to storing or parking them, it can take us time to find a bike station or just find enough space at home. However, there are electric folding bikes which you can reduce up to 50% of their space.

Electric Scooter

They are more sophisticated and innovative products, we can store them in any space at home or in the office and in the city, they will allow us to make all kinds of shortcuts. However, electric scooters are designed for flat pavements since on ascending ramps we will go somewhat slow. We will not be able to use them in the mountains or in the field since their characteristics do not allow it, and most importantly, what happens if we run out of battery? On a bicycle we can pedal until we get home, however, with an electric scooter we must push it.

Uses and functionalities

An electric bike offers multiple uses and functionalities, even more than conventional bikes. Its main features are:

Within the category of electric bikes, there are many models, brands and designs. However, we can classify them into: Mountain, urban, and folding.

Urban Electric Bikes

Specially designed to tour the city, avoid traffic jams, and go for a walk. They are usually designed with a low bar frame, multiple accessories and complements such as lights, fenders, kickstand, and a luggage rack. Depending on the model you choose, its electrical system usually has a built-in motor with pedal assistance and batteries with great autonomy. Additionally, you can find for both gender, men and women, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Mountain Electric Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are exclusively designed for excursions and routes through the countryside, perfectly equipped and very light. Additionally, we can also use them in the city, therefore they are more functional than urban ones. Its electrical equipment is undoubtedly something to take into mind, helping us to cross more rugged terrain. The speeds are complemented by electric motors and batteries that offer high autonomies and levels of pedaling assistance.
Finally, they have built-in screens on the handlebars that act as on-board computers where you can monitor and control the autonomy of the battery and the different levels of pedaling assistance. The most advisable footwear to use this type of bikes, and more if you are going to make routes through the mountains are trail shoes, as they offer great resistance and stability.

Folding Electric Bikes

Electric Folding bicycles are extremely functional for urban areas, their folding property offers great benefits when transporting them and saving space, both at home, in the subway, or in the office. They are small since their wheels do not exceed 20 inches, they are not recommended for use in the field. However, its electrical system makes them super functional and perfectly assists the user during pedaling at different levels.

Technical Characteristics

Apart from its uses and functionalities, without a doubt, when buying an electric bike the most important thing is its technical characteristics, and there are many things to consider while choosing the electric bike.

Battery and Autonomy

The more voltage the battery has integrated, the greater its autonomy, however, there must be a balance between its voltage and its weight, since it is not advisable to buy a very heavy bicycle. Generally, the batteries of the best electric bikes are usually lithium, and the autonomy of these depends on the voltage and the model, there are some that reach up to 25 km and others up to 100 km, the durability of these also depends on the use sustainable that we get to give. In other words, we can control the battery capacity from our on-board computer located on the handlebar, activate Eco mode, and thus optimize its autonomy.


It is an important factor when choosing an electric bike. They are usually made of aluminum to reduce their weight to a minimum, however, a minority are made of steel. Currently, the proper weight for an electric bike is around 25 kilograms, always taking into mind its dimension, which depends directly on the dimensions of the wheels.


As a general rule, they have a 250 w rear-wheel-drive motor incorporated. This small motor will provide you with different levels of assisted pedaling, very useful to overcome long uphill slopes. Moreover, there are chargers, motors, and batteries to be integrated into our conventional bike or used as a replacement for our electric bicycle.

On-board Computer

Essential to monitor the capacity, autonomy, and levels of the assistance of our electric bike, it is usually integrated into the handlebar and represented by a small high-resolution screen. Additionally, some bicycle models integrate screens capable of connecting to other devices such as mobiles or the best smartwatches.

Where to buy an electric bike at the best price?

As you have seen in this article and in the comparative table, there are many models and brands of electric bicycles. Prices can vary from 300 to 1500 dollars depending on the benefits they offer.

Electric Bikes Under 200 To 300 Dollar

They are usually inexpensive, small in size, and some folding, almost all have a battery and an electric motor with low autonomy and up to 3 levels of pedaling assistance.

From 300 to 1000 dollar

This segment of electric bikes begins to offer high-performance guarantees, especially when we talk about the electrical system, providing rear-wheel drive motors with 6 levels of pedal assistance and autonomy in batteries over 50 km away.

More than 1000 dollar

They are usually a mountain or recognized brands where every detail is studied to the millimeter and both its battery and the materials by which they are manufactured are highly technological. If you are interested in buying an electric bicycle, you will find them in sports stores or department stores, however, if you prefer buying online at the official Amazon store, you will find all kinds of electric bicycles on sale.

Frequent Asked Questions

Which is better, an electric bike or an electric scooter? Electric bikes in addition to having more features than electric scooters, are more versatile, that is, we can use them both for the city and for the country. Additionally, if we ran out of battery we could move around pedaling.

On the other hand, electric scooters are much more practical in the city and their portability is much greater since we can park it in any corner. Depending on the use that you are going to give them, you must decide which one best suits your needs.

Differences between electric bikes vs motorcycles?

The polluting action of motorcycles has caused to a certain extent that electric bikes go on sale. Therefore if you want to contribute against climate change, we recommend an electric bike, much more practical around the city. Motorcycles can reach high speeds and their autonomy is somewhat greater. You will hardly need the effort to move it, however, on an electric bicycle you will always have to pedal and both the autonomy and the maximum speed are less.

Advantages of an electric bike vs normal?

It is clear that the greatest advantage is pedaling assistance, whenever you feel tired, with an electric bicycle you can help yourself with its motor when climbing steep ramps or on long-distance routes.

What electric bicycle to buy?

There are multiple types of electric, urban, mountain, and folding bicycles. Therefore, your choice will depend on the use you are going to give it. In this article, you can find the best electric bikes. We recommend bicycle NMC Parque for mountain, Milano NMC for the city, and QiCycle Xiaomi to ahorar space as it is foldable.

What electric mountain bike to buy?

From our point of view, you are with the best quality bikes on the market, exclusively for mountainous terrain.

What folding electric bike to buy?

There are multiple types and models, however, Xiaomi’s Qicycle is the one with the best features, great battery autonomy, light and foldable up to 60% of its totality.

What to do to make the battery last longer?

Generally, electric bicycles have great autonomy, however, we must charge them in a period of 2-3 days, it all depends on the use that we are going to give it.

To optimize battery life, there are many of them with ECO mode, through which we can optimize autonomy since they do not provide their full power when we use the engine. However, the best way to save battery is only to use it on high ramps or when you really need it.

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