Best Scooter Battery That Lasts Long

Are you looking for information about the different kinds of scooter batteries ? Let’s review few of the good performing battery models for your electric scooters.


  • Universal battery UB1250 has a 12V voltage and a capacity of 5Amp per hour.
  • The size of this battery is 90mm in length, 70mm in width and 102mm in height.
  • This battery can replace 12volts and 4-6AH batteries.
  • This battery is SLA (sealed lead-acid) and weights approximately 3 pounds.
  • The battery offers a 12 month warranty and costs around $17.
  • UB1250 can be used with Razor E100, E125, E150 and E175 models.

In addition to this, UB1250 can be used with Schwinn S-150, Blade Z Ion 150, Mongoose M-130 and X-treme electric scooters.

This battery can also replace several other brands models such as HGL, GPS, Power source and so forth.

12V 7AH Sealed Lead Acid SLA Battery for RAZOR Scooter 2PK

  • Another efficient scooter battery model from Universal batteries is UB1270.
  • This one is 12v and has a capacity of 7Amp per hour.
  • The size of this battery is 151x65x95mm.
  • This is also a sealed lead based battery and contains ¼ push on connectors.
  • The battery weighs 5.1 pounds and provides a 12 month warranty to its customers.
  • It costs around $25 and is available at Amazon.
  • UB1270 is compatible to use in place of FP1270, LCR12V7.2P, BP7.5-12, HGL7.2-12 and other famous battery models.

Razor E100/E125/E150 Battery Set

If you are looking for a razor model specific battery, then Razor E100/E125/E150 Battery Set is what you need. This battery comes in a set of two batteries and supports Razor E100, E125, E150 electric scooter models. The battery set costs $49.99 on amazon.

12V 18AH NuMotion NuMo Pacer Electric Scooter Battery

  • UB 12180 is a sealed lead based electric scooter battery having 12v and 18AH.
  • UGP 12180 weighs 5kg which makes it extra manageable and convenient to use.
  • Beiter DC Power Electric Scooter Battery Pack: If you are looking for something that is easy to install and fits razor models, then Beiter DCV power electric scooter battery is the thing for you.
  • The battery offers an amazing one year warranty.
  • It has slide on terminals and is ready to use without any charging.
  • The high power battery has 12 volts capacity and has an amazing price of $38.99.

PT12-12 12 Volt 12 AmpH SLA Replacement Battery with F2 Terminal

  • This 12 volt and 12 AH electric scooter battery by powertron is a good value for money.
  • Powertron electric scooter batteries are rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries and are easy to recharge.
  • The battery weights around 8 pounds and costs $58.25 at Amazon.
  • The batteries are also non spillable and do not possess any risk to the rider of the bike.
  • The dimensions of the battery is 5.95×3.90×3.70 inches.

Handling electric scooter batteries

Here are some tips for maintaining and handling scooter batteries. These tips will help you increase the lifetime of your battery.

  • Before you start using the scooter battery, you need to charge it for at least 18 hours. Once you have started using the battery regularly, the charging time will minimize to 12 hours. In a normal run, the scooter battery will provide you approximately 40 minutes ride continuously. If you are not using the scooter regularly, it’s best not to leave the battery alone for a long period of time, and charge it at least once a month. An average life of a scooter battery is approximately 250 charges.
  • Ensure to keep the battery at a normal room temperature. If exposed to extreme weather and freezing, the battery may damage permanently.
  • Always inspect the charger for any broken wires or plug in order to ensure maximum safety.
  • Razor scooter batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries and can be easily recycled. They can be disposed without any harm to the environment.
  • Never let children touch or use the battery for charging on their own.
  • Do not touch the battery if any liquid comes out. In case of contact, always consult a doctor.

Let your kids have great fun with just 2 wheels. With razor electric scooters, your kids can take a trip indoors and outdoors with full safety and enjoyment.