Comparing the Segway ES3 and ES4 Electric Scooters

Whether you are looking for a fun way to get around town or just want a convenient way to commute, electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Among the most renowned electric scooters is the Segway ES3 and ES4 models, both of which offer an impressive array of features and capabilities. To help decide which model is right for you, let’s compare them side by side.


One of the biggest differences between these two models is their range. The Segway ES3 can travel up to 25 kilometers on a single charge while the ES4 can travel up to 45 kilometers. This makes the ES4 a great option if you plan on travelling further distances or need more range to go uphill.


With regard to speed, both models can reach up to 25 km/h, so neither has an advantage in that regard. However, each model does offer different acceleration settings depending on your needs and preferences; the ES4 offers three speeds – Eco, Standard and Sport – while the ES3 only provides two – Cruise Control or Turbo Mode.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of each model also differs slightly; the Max load capacity of the Segway ES3 is 100 kg whilst that of the Segway ES4 is 120 kg. This makes it a better option for those needing more support or who are planning on carrying heavier items with them.

Segway ES3Segway ES4
Range25 km45 km
Speed25 km/h (2 speeds)25 km/h (3 speeds)
Weight Capacity100 kg Max Load120 kg Max Load

|Range|25 km|45 km|

|Speed|25 km/h (2 speeds)|25 km/h (3 speeds)|

|Weight Capacity|100 kg Max Load|120 kg Max Load|