Comparison of Iveta Pro Electric Scooter and Lazy BOT X Electric Scooter


When it comes to electric scooters, the choice can be a bit bewildering. The two scooters discussed in this comparison are the Iveta Pro Electric Scooter and the Lazy BOT X Electric Scooter. Both models offer great features, but depending on your needs one might be a better fit than the other. This comparison will look at aspects such as power, range, battery, and portability to help you decide which is best for you.


The Iveta Pro Electric Scooter boasts an impressive 500 watts of power with dual independent motors that help it reach speeds of up to 30mph. In contrast, the Lazy BOT X has lower power output of 350 watts from its single motor reaching speeds of up to 15mph. Both provide adequate torque for quick acceleration even on uphill climbs.


The range of either scooter is affected by a variety of factors including terrain, rider weight and riding style, but generally speaking both do well here. The Iveta Pro has an advertised maximum range of 40 miles while the Lazy BOT X can cover 25 miles per charge. Charging time on both models takes around 4 hours max so they’re good options if you need something powerful and long lasting without having to wait too long between charges.


Both scooters have lightweight removable lithium-ion batteries with advanced charging technologies that extend their life span and make them cheaper to maintain over time. The size varies slightly as the Iveta Pro has a 10Ah battery while the lazy bot x has an 8 Ah battery but neither impacts performance significantly so your choice should come down to other factors rather than battery information in this case.


Weight is another important consideration when choosing an electric scooter and again both offer plenty in this regard. The Iveta pro tips scales at just under 40lbs making it light enough for most riders whilst still providing plenty of muscle when needed, whereas the lazy bot x is even lighter coming in at 27lbs thanks to its smaller motor size – perfect for those looking for something more discrete when travelling or commuting through urban areas.

In conclusion both electric scooters offer immense value depending on what you’re looking for: The Iveta Pro offers greater power and longest range out of the two but sacrifices some mobility due to its increased weight; while the Lazy BOT X provides sufficient torque with a roaring top speed at half the weight but pays for it with reduced power output and shorter range per charge compared to its counterpart.


Iveta Pro Electric ScooterLazy BOT X Electric Scooter
Power500 watts, dual motors, up to 30mph350 watts, single motor, up to 15mph
RangeMax range of 40 milesMax range 25 miles
Battery10Ah lithium-ion battery8Ah lithium-ion battery