Does e-bike driving promote health

Does e-bike driving promote health?

Driving an e-bike has a lot of health benefits. What are those? In our article, we’re going to discuss the most important aspects to consider.

Riding e-bikes for the cardiovascular system

With a pedelec or e-bike, returners always have their physical stress under control, because cycling gets the cardiovascular system going. The pedelec is ideal for untrained people who want to start sport again step by step since as soon as the personal load limit is exceeded, the engine will assist you.

The blood pressure rises while cycling, but in the long term, it drops to a lower level than with an unsporting lifestyle. It protects the heart because it has to work against less resistance. So, the e-bike training helps the heart muscle and improves blood circulation, and such an increase in performance prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Sport in an appropriate form generally improves personal well-being and has a positive effect on the heart and circulation. Endurance-focused sports can also be advisable in the case of existing heart diseases — of course, after the consultation with the doctor. Endurance sports are particularly suitable as entry-level sports, because the personal stress, intensity, and workload of the training can be tailored very well to individual needs.

Often, our body works ideally with a pedelec, even better than with a regular bicycle. And the finer you can manage personal stress, the safer you will feel even with health restrictions and illnesses during sport sessions. The joy of life gained in this way is another motivator to make cycling “your” sport.

E-bike riding makes you fit and keeps you healthy

Many people live without sport because they are exhausted after a long day at work and don’t feel like going to the gym. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable in the gym because they are not as fit as others. These factors can be balanced with an e-bike. Bicycles with an electric motor enable people with little physical fitness to be sporty. Also, different inclines and longer distances are easier to cover with a mountain electric bike. Instead of driving to work by car, you can take the e-bike, for example. It saves you the way to the gym and harms the environment less.

Adequate exercise can eliminate the health risks associated with long periods of sitting. One hour of exercise in the form of cycling or a quick walk a day is enough. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the School of Sport Sciences who analyzed data from more than a million people worldwide.

So, people who work in the office and sit eight hours a day can offset these health risks by commuting to work on a bike or e-bike.

Cycling lowers the risk of heart attack

Riding an e-bike is fun and healthy: people experience that every day in different e-bike shops. One of the pulmonologists confirmed that observations in an interview. “For cyclists, the risk of a heart attack or stroke drops by up to 50 percent,” said the specialist.

Exercises like cycling help to stay fit and, at the same time, prevent heart and vascular diseases. Besides, cycling or riding an e-bike is easy on the joints. The pulmonologists even emphasize that cycling can have a positive effect on chronic illness. The movement can help and, at the same time, support medical treatment. Of course, all of this must always be done in consultation with the doctor.

E-bike driving keeps the cardiovascular system going and improves your well-being. Older cyclists in particular benefit from the advantages of an e-bike: if their condition worsens, they do not have to do without ordinary cycling. With an e-bike, you can easily cope even with hills and mountains and cover longer distances without being exhausted too quickly.

Lose weight with cycling

Motivation is crucial when losing weight, and a pedelec motivates a lot. Regular cycling will melt extra pounds! With just half an hour of calm cycling every day, muscles are built up, and the weight is slowly reduced without changing eating habits.

Slow weight loss through moderate exercise is healthier and more promising than any miracle diet. Losing weight quickly means gaining weight even faster once you stop starving. And at some point, this moment comes. Because the short-term success of quick medicine is based neither on a change in eating habits, nor management of behavioral ones. However, if a few extra pounds have already snuck onto your hips, the motivation for doing sports is usually poor.

Sport is then exhausting, and the circulation is no longer particularly resilient, you quickly run out of breath. If the “professionals” pass you by while you gasp on the side of the road, all good intentions are quickly forgotten. If you frequently need support at the beginning of the training, you use the electronic tailwind more often. When you are back in training, you use your reawakened muscle strength more. Then, the motivation remains because it is fun and small and slow results are achieved almost effortlessly. That cannot happen with a pedelec. With an electric bike, you get momentum exactly when you need it. That makes a pedelec ideal for anyone who wants to play sports again after a long break.

Cycling gently

Problems with the knee joints are increasing. But pedelecs and e-bikes protect the joints. There are many causes of knee joints issues: lack of exercise, obesity, but also sports injuries and stress during sports. Cycling is one of the knee-friendly endurance sports. The knee cannot be twisted by pedaling in a fixed path. Therefore, even after knee surgery, cycling is healthier and less painful than simple walking. Pedelecs are ideal for rehabilitation after joint operations since the overload can be removed from the knee immediately; for example, if pain occurs while driving.

In most cases, knee pain is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage layer. If the stress on the joint is too great or too one-sided, for example, due to jogging or being overweight, the nutrition at the problem areas of the cartilage is reduced or stopped. As a result, the cartilage weakens at the stressed areas and breaks down. Then, your knee hurts. When you move the knee joint, important minerals are transported from the synovial fluid into the cartilage. Thus the healthy “nutrition” of the knee joint is started.

Knee joints do not form a rigid connection between the upper and lower leg bones but are a kind of complicated hinges in which the bones that meet can move with and against each other.

Long-standing and tight legs are just as stressful for the knee as hard ground. In many sports, quick stops and frequent twists are a major danger to the knee joint. Jogging, which appears harmless, also causes many knee problems. Even when running, the “knee” hinge does not move in a fixed path. Things are different with cycling — there, the knee moves in a steady, even path, which makes any twisting impossible. This movement is actually very healthy for the supply of minerals to the joint. The knee is not only less burdened but actually also supplied with new nutrients and can thus regenerate. And all without having to put all of your body weight on your legs!

Enjoy the e-bike sport despite asthma

When done correctly, an e-bike riding exercise can even reduce asthma symptoms. In the past, asthma patients were advised not to exercise — people had to take care of themselves. But too much protection is not always the right way, at least because sport strengthens the lungs.

Many asthmatics quickly become short of breath under physical stress. That is because, in the normal state, the airways are moist and warm, but during physical exertion, large amounts of dry and cold air enter the airways. Breathing becomes faster and deeper. It irritates the airways, and the bronchi constrict. Symptoms can be of a different kind — up to a severe asthma attack. So, doctors call it sport-induced asthma.

But today, asthma patients are even strongly advised to exercise. And some competitive athletes show that with prompt medical support and appropriate training, even with the indication of asthma, top athletic performance is possible.

Exercise trains not only the muscles but also the lung function. However, some sports, such as running and jogging, expose the airways to particularly cold air and thus provoke asthma. To get started, calmer sports such as swimming, yoga, or cycling should be considered. They trigger the dreaded symptoms less often. Cycling with a pedelec has a great advantage — the load can never be too great. If you notice the suspicious whistling noises — there is a hill on your way — with a pedelec, you can immediately reduce the strain on your lungs and circulation and still drive on, with electronic support.

It does not neglect the fun, either. Specialists expressly recommend sports that have intervals, i.e., all sports that do not mean constant pressure. Even for completely unsporting asthma patients, it is possible with a pedelec to start sporting activities slowly and without fear, strengthen their lungs, and keep asthma at bay in the long term.

It is hardly easier to dose the sporting load than with an individually switchable tailwind. And when cycling in a group, the others do not have to wait and take a break. If a driver needs a break, they turn on the engine and still drives on with a group.

Driving e-bikes as therapy for joint inflammation

Keep chronic joint inflammation at bay with exercise. When treating chronic inflammation of the joints, the goal is to slow down the course of the disease. Many people keep their illness at bay with medication and a pedelec. Physiotherapy and joint-friendly sports such as cycling are recommended for polyarthritis. With a pedelec, the necessary movement is particularly easy despite the pain because the load can be managed. Here is the tip of a pedelec fan:

“I have had severe chronic polyarthritis in both knee joints for 10 years and since then have been living with cortisone. Also, it is essential that the already limited mobility of the joints is maintained through various exercises. By chance, I had the opportunity to try out a new pedelec and was immediately impressed. In the past, when I sat on a high chair on days with particularly great pain and dangled my feet, I climb my new pedelec and ride 12–24 miles through the forest … an indescribable boost of joy and quality of life. Healthy people can certainly understand that I also enjoy this opportunity on painless days.”

Prevent back pain

If you ride an e-bike or pedelec that is back-friendly, you strengthen your back. Many cyclists complain of back problems. But that does not mean that cycling is fundamentally harmful to the back. The opposite is the case: proper cycling can prevent back pain. Back issues arise from incorrect and one-sided loads during sport or simply from too little exercise. Due to the incorrect burdening of the back, the natural nutrition of the intervertebral disc decreases. As a result, the intervertebral disc changes so that it can no longer absorb the pressure on the spine.

Cycling makes back problems go away for three reasons. When you cycle, the physical activity of the intervertebral disc is cared for without being compressed and without having to carry the entire body weight. The large muscles of the back are trained well by cycling. And thirdly, the individual vertebral bodies are significantly stabilized among themselves — the small muscles between the vertebrae are responsible for this and support the vertebrae. During cycling, the muscle groups are trained along the spine, and the spring action of the intervertebral discs is retained.

If you only want to start cycling again slowly, you will find a bicycle with a pedelec that enables easy entry into the sport.

High-quality e-bike equipment ensure maximum comfort

Many high-quality e-bikes have a special seat and back-protecting saddles. These saddles adapt to the individual body features and are measured beforehand by a specialist. Because nothing beats a long e-bike tour, in which the back doesn’t hurt afterward. E-bike riders can get additional comfort through special gear shifts — the hub gear, stepless, and automatic. For example, the automatic shift ensures that you always drive with the right gear, and your knees are optimally protected.

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