e-bike vs car

Ebike vs Car — Pros and Cons Comparison

Envision owning a vehicle that has both the speed and comfort of a car and the versatility of an ebike, allowing you to escape cramped roads at will. Imagine a vehicle that offers the best qualities of both two-wheelers and four-wheel transport. Sadly, this kind of transportation doesn’t exist. Because of this, sooner or later, you’ll have to decide when choosing between a car vs ebike. And if you’re wondering which one to get, we have good news for you because this is precisely what this article will help you with.

Ebike — the Game Changer

Ebikes are close to being the most versatile vehicle you’ll ever find. They’ve brought a whole new perspective to what it means to ride a bike. With the introduction of the pedal-assist feature, adaptable brake pads, rechargeable batteries, electric motors, as well as several other cool features, it’s no surprise ebikes have garnered the attention of the most vocal critics.

Other lesser-known qualities of electric bicycles, which make this vehicle awesome, are the wireless recharging, connection through an app, ability to control the bike with your smartphone, foldability, and solar batteries. Clearly, electric bikes are anything but average. So it’s easy to picture how enormous its benefits are.

Pros of Ebikes

Contrary to the perception of comfort lovers, the benefits of ebikes are so grand they can’t be written off only because of the smaller size in comparison to other vehicles like electric cars. Some advantages of owning an ebike are:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Traffic jams evasion
  • Health benefits
  • Lower price
  • Compactness
  • Easier maintenance
  • Simple parking

Let’s take a closer look at some of those.

Friendly to Nature

In a time of global awareness of the planet’s worsening condition, one ought to put in their share of effort to ensure even the slightest positive change. So if you are all about the environment, you’ll be more satisfied with an ebike instead of a car. Although nature is still impacted by the processes involved in the manufacturing of electric bikes to a degree, this cost is minor in comparison to the harm done by cars run on fossil fuels. So a contrast between an ebike vs car, based on their effects on nature, favors the two-wheeler.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Traffic Jams

Not to gloat over someone’s misfortune, but whooshing past cars and public transport through a long traffic jam is one of the best feelings to experience when riding an ebike. In the advanced countries with decent roadways, you can escape heavy traffic by simply moving to the bike lanes. Although not recommended, some countries aren’t very stringent with two-wheeler laws, so you can even ride on sidewalks.

You can already see how beneficial this mode of transportation can be, but we’ll still spell it out for those who remain unconvinced. Surely, you’ll cut down the time spent on short car trips to Walmart or Target. You are likely to get to work faster on a speedy electric bike than by a car stuck in a morning standstill. Clearly, in an ebike vs car comparison, cars have nothing on bikes when it comes to beating traffic congestions.

Health Benefits

Be it a road bike or a mountain ebike, there’s no denying the fact that bicycles bring significant health benefits. Because of busy schedules and late-night working hours, it’s easy to forget to exercise regularly. So if you can’t make time for it, make it a part of your daily routine. And there’s no better way to do this than getting on an ebike.

Riding a two-wheeler to work and back may seem stressful first, but it’s far from being so. To begin with, the pedal-assist feature makes it much easier fatigue-wise. Secondly, you still get to strengthen your muscles, improve your cardio, and digestion system with each trip. You can’t argue with such health benefits. Once again, ebikes take the lead in this round of the ebike vs car comparison.

Less Expensive

Many people think that this is the most evident benefit of owning a bike instead of a car. To begin with, automobiles are way more expensive to purchase, not to mention the running costs, such as parking fees and maintenance costs, which can leave a massive dent in your bank account. Before you know it, you have spent a total cost bigger than what you make in a year.

Cons of Ebikes

Nothing is perfect, and even ebikes have some downsides, which are:

  • Less comfort
  • Susceptible to theft
  • Havier than regular bikes
  • Short battery life

Let’s review some of them closer.

Less Comfort

Given the level of coziness provided by cars, there’s no way an ebike can hold a candle to it. Moreover, driving on a bumpy or a patchy road can be a bummer. Worst-case scenario, you can get hurt in the process or damage the thing.

When opting for an ebike, choose the saddle and suspension wisely because those are the primary comfort makers.

Susceptible to Theft

One of the major downsides of owning a bike is theft. Hijackers will prefer to steal an ebike than a regular bike because it’s fancier and more expensive to sell. It also takes less effort than to steal a car. So, cars are less susceptible to theft when compared to ebikes.

It’s always best to leave the vehicle in a guarded parking lot or buy a reliable lock. Also, some of the electric bike models have detachable batteries, so make sure to take those with you whenever you leave your ebike parked.

Cars, The Revolutionaries of the 19th Century

Cars have been the reigning king of transportation since the late 19th century, and from all indications, it’s unlikely for them to lose this position anytime soon. Thanks to the efforts of brands like BMW, Tesla, Bentley, and those who’ve pushed the limits of on-the-road comfort, cars are now being furnished with refrigerators and LCD TV screens. All that makes long-distance traveling more relaxing and entertaining. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the automobile advantages.

Pros of Cars

We could talk about the benefits of cars all day and still have plenty to cover, but for the sake of this article, we’ll mention only the more important ones in the ebikes vs cars discussion:

  • Faster than ebikes
  • Protects from the elements
  • Can carry heavier loads
  • Far better milage
  • Passenger seats

Faster than Ebikes

It’ll be unfair to compare the top speed of the fastest ebike, which is around 62 miles per hour, to that of a regular car. So if you live for the adrenaline rush or need to commute long distances regularly, it’s best to pick four wheels and a roof.

Perfect for Any Weather

Unlike two-wheelers, cars have roofs so they can offer everyone inside a safe haven from rain, snow, and searing sun. This makes it possible to drive it all year round. Buying a bike instead of a car will not be the best idea if you hit the road regularly in a region where all four seasons are well-manifested.

Suitable for Heavier Loads

Cars were built to carry more passengers or things, but the same cannot be said about electric bicycles. Being a fully covered vehicle with a more powerful engine gives cars an edge over ebikes whenever you need extra space or load capacity.

Cons of Cars

Let’s see what drawbacks cars have when compared to electric bikes.

  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Can get you stuck in traffic jams
  • High price and service cost
  • Requires a license
  • Involves more legalities

Below are some of them in more detail.

Not Friendly to Nature

Unlike ebikes, automobiles have a significant negative environmental impact. From the early production stages of using rubber, steel, paint, plastics, and glass, to the post-production with the emission from tailpipes, it’s clear as day that cars contribute largely to the alarming state of the global climate.

Going with the Traffic Flow

No matter how fast or exquisite of a car you drive, once you get stuck in traffic, there’s no escaping it. This can be a major flaw, especially when time is of the essence. Hence, before buying a car, consider how congested your area usually is and how often you’ll have to drive long distances. Maybe public transport or a bike is a better option for you.

Price Tag

It doesn’t take much to figure out the large gap in cost comparison between cars and electric bikes. Generally, only the wealthier can afford to buy cars. When thinking about such a purchase, take into account not only its initial cost but also maintenance and gas expenditures that come with internal combustion engine vehicles.

Electric Bike vs Car: The Verdict

Both are essential in their own right, so can an ebike replace a car entirely? Not really. The verdict comes down to several factors like personal preference, affordability, usage, and location.

For instance, you might live near your place of work or school but not within walking distance. An ebike will be your best way out of such a situation. On the other hand, if you live far from your office but can’t afford a regular or even a used car, public transportation might be your best choice.