Electric Bikes Are a Trend

Electric bikes are a trend

The United States, the Netherlands, China, Mexico, Germany, and in recent years Spain, are countries where the use of electric bicycles has increased as an alternative for urban mobility. In these nations and all around the world, every day it grows more popular among young people as a fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly means of transportation, as it does not emit polluting gases.

On a global scale, it is considered a high-growth market, and new products, better designs, and more tech advancements are coming.

Here are some considerations and characteristics of this trend. You will also find some useful information on e-bikes in our look at the phenomenon.

Reasons to buy an e-bike

Electric bicycles alleviate the congested traffic of the cities, and by accelerating the time of commuting and reducing environmental pollution, they are becoming a means of transportation that citizens prefer. They are also becoming popular because of cultural reasons. Millennials love these hipstery types of transport, and this way of moving around is no longer looked upon as uncool. If you live in the city, just go outside and look around. What will you see? Probably a guy with a latte, wearing a pink helmet on his head, going about his business on a nifty little wheeler.

Comparing offers and prices

As they are not all the same, the benefits offered by each model are different. Excluding the individual tastes and preferences, the factors here are the class of the motor, the battery, and the pedaling sensor. The most recommended are those located above the pedals, since they offer quick and immediate assistance, thanks to their special system, where you can gain more speed with less effort.

In this case, the best offers are the unisex folding aluminum urban city bikes. They stand out as the cheapest, followed by the one size fits all, which are the most requested. As this is a type of sustainable mobility, these are considered the best choices because they can also be operated by pedals, just like traditional bikes, and the electric motor is only used when the sensor receives signals, and that is when the assistance for pedaling is provided.

These models have very good value for their money. The mountain model has a front suspension, but they are not made for riding in urban areas. The so-called Naturcleta is also designed for tours on mountain slopes, as it has an excellent and powerful motor, an optimal brake system, and the wheels suitable for the mountains, or hiking trails.

There is a model known as Luxury, but it is very cheap and gives excellent performance due to its 48W battery, which is ideal for very long trips.

Another recommendation is a model with a power of 360W, with engineering that is used in cars, and Italian aerodynamic design. It has a built-in LCD screen and offers effective pedaling assistance for greater comfort, also it includes LED lights to alert other drivers.

Recommendations for buying an e-bike

Bikes of this type are governed by the usual rules and regulations for bicycles. The most important aspect to take into account with respect to the technical specifications is the electric motor, the characteristics and conditions of pedaling, and the possible limitations that may arise.

Although keep in mind the aesthetic component, choose a bike you will enjoy riding. On the market, you will find countless options of styles, looks, and designs.

The autonomy and the type of battery are the determining factors that you should go over with the seller. There are two options: the battery is included in the frame, or that the bicycle has a removable battery, which is more advantageous, since it can be taken out and recharged at home, work or office, or anywhere you are.

Where the motor is located, is another determining factor since it can be found on the wheel or the axis. It is essential when deciding whether you will use it for the road or in the mountains, although there are also mixed cases. If you do not have space to store it, the ideal option is to buy a folding one.


It makes sense that our progression as a society has lead us to reimagine our means of transportation. Not only that, but we also have a necessity to change the way we live, especially in the cities, because of the issues, like pollution and overpopulation.

We hope, with this article, you will be convinced of the advantages electric bicycles bring and will consider changing your lifestyle and transportation for the betterment of humankind.

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