Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter – Full Review

Have you been looking for a way to make your commute more fun? Well, look no further! The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is the perfect solution. This is an electric scooter that can cover up to 30 miles on one charge and has a maximum speed of 18 mph. It has solid rubber tires that are great for paved roads or even off-road terrain.

The Gotrax GXL V2 also comes with many features that will make your life easier – including automatic lights, regenerative braking, LCD display panel with speedometer and odometer, USB charging port in the front basket, cargo rack at the back of the seat with bungee cord hooks for securing additional items like bags or backpacks, and a helmet holder.

The main futures:

  • light weight,
  • solid rubber tires for all road conditions,
  • LCD display panel,
  • USB charging port in the front basket,
  • helmet holder at the back of seat.
  • It is also equipped with a regenerative braking system that helps to extend battery life and it’s pretty fast – reaching speeds up to 18 mph.
  • It has enough power for climbing small hills or riding across grassy terrain like parks or trails.


  • It can reach speeds up to 17 mph, but this will depend on rider weight and road conditions.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s easy enough to ride around town or campus (but still has plenty of power) then Gotrax GXL V-Two might be just what you need.
  • It features good acceleration, solid brakes and an all aluminum frame which makes it very lightweight at only 37 lbs., so bringing it inside your house won’t give you any problems either!
  • Another great benefit here is adjustable handlebar height – gotrax v two e scooter comes with push button able for adjusting hands bar.


  • the main cons in this scooter is that it doesn’t have great range.
  • However, if you’re in need of a quick solution for getting around with the minimum amount of effort and maximum comfort, this is exactly what Gotrax GXL V Two can offer.

It is very easy to ride and maneuver this scooter – it comes with a brake handle on the right side of the seat that makes riding safe even in traffic situations. It weighs only 66 pounds which means you will be able to lift it from one place to another easily or simply take it inside when going shopping without any problems. In addition, the Gotrax GXL V200 has many features like regenerative braking system (which charges your battery while you are slowing down), anti slip pedals, luggage carrier basket at back of seat for cargo storage etc., so using short commutes can save up some money too!

The best part about this electric scooter is definitely its battery pack. It comes with a 36V/11AH lithium ion battery that can be charged for about three hours and has a maximum range of up to 40 miles which makes it perfect for short commutes or going around the city without any problems.

It is also very easy to control this electric scooter, simply twist throttle on right handlebar grip and start riding!

When it comes to speed, Gotrax GXL V200 tops out at 20 MPH which means you won’t have issues while driving in crowded streets or other areas where there are lots of people. In addition, because its top speed is limited by law in most countries including US (and EU) the rider will stay safe even when he reaches his destination so no need to worry about that.

The last thing you should know is the price, Gotrax GXL V200 can be yours for less than $600 which makes it one of the cheapest electric scooters on the market right now! If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with decent performance this might be exactly what your are looking for so make sure to check out full review here.


What is the maximum weight that it can carry? 

The Gotrax GXL V200 can carry up to 186 lbs (pounds) or 85kgs.

What is the top speed of this scooter?

Top speed of Gotrax GXL v200 electric scooter is 18 mph and its range with one charge goes up to around 18 miles which should be more than enough for a daily commute in any city so you don’t have to worry about running out power on your way back home at night when there are no buses, trains etc… available anymore.

How long does it take for battery recharging?

Battery takes around six hours to fully recharge from 0% but let’s say if you go somewhere away after work and need some help to get back home, Gotrax GXL v200 electric scooter has a battery level indicator on the handlebar so you can easily see when your power is low and recharging time if necessary.

Is Gotrax GXL V200 Electric Scooter a Good Commuting Alternative?

Gotrax GXL v200 electric scooter is probably the best option for commuting in this price range simply because it’s very cheap, lightweight and comfortable to ride. It takes you from point A to B without any problems, has a big enough battery capacity so that your commute won’t be limited by power and most importantly – if anything goes wrong or breaks down there are local shops everywhere where you can get parts replaced.

Will I need some other means of transportation while travelling on an e-scooter?

You don’t have to worry about transporting the Gotrax GXL v200 electric scooter anywhere which is great especially when going somewhere away for vacation and carrying a big load of luggage. You can just easily fold it and place in the trunk along with your other stuff.


Gotrax eBike Review – The Best Commuting Electric Scooter? Our final verdict when it comes to Gotrax bikes in general or more precisely their commuting bike called GXL V 200 is very good. It’s not perfect but considering its price tag and everything else this ebike offers we have no doubt many will consider it just because they won’t have to spend much money on it.