How to Prevent Electric Scooter Injuries

E-scooters are a popular way for kids to get around. They’re cheap, easy to control, and lightweight. Just like any other vehicle, they carry a certain degree of risk. In 2009, more than 67,000 children and young adults went to the ER for scooter related injuries. Fortunately, most accidents can be successfully prevented by following the traffic rules. Simple things, such as wearing adequate gear and taking riding classes, can lower your risk of injury.

Know the Risk Factors

Electricity-powered vehicles are safe for most people. After all, they are designed with children in mind. As a rider, it’s your responsibility to use them safely on the road. Common causes of scooter-related injuries include:

  • Riding when you’re tired and exhausted
  • Taking another rider on your scooter
  • Operating the vehicle under bad weather conditions
  • Ignoring the traffic rules
  • Not wearing protective gear
  • Performing dangerous moves
  • Not paying attention to other passengers in traffic
  • Not following the traffic light
  • Riding your scooter on the pavements of walkers
  • Going over dangerous terrain
  • Not keeping your scooter adequately maintained
  • Riding at night or on hot mornings

Electric scooter injuries can happen anytime. It takes one moment of inattention to turn a pleasant ride into an accident. Thus, it’s essential that you learn the traffic rules, wear adequate equipment, and practice your riding skills before going on the road.

Injury Prevention Tips for E-Scooter Riders

One of the best ways to prevent e-scooter related injuries is to wear a helmet. This also applies to bike and motorcycle riding. Most helmets are inexpensive and come in all sizes. Although wearing a helmet may seem uncomfortable at first, you’ll get used to it within days. This item should fit properly on your head and be fastened correctly.

Statistics show that more than half of children don’t wear a helmet when riding electric scooter. Make sure you teach your child about the importance of using protective gear. You can also buy him knee and elbow pads, a reflective vest, and neon stickers. This will increase his visibility in traffic and help prevent accidents. Statistics indicate that wearing a helmet can lower the risk of head injury by up to 85 percent.

To prevent injuries, choose an electric scooter that matches your skills. If the vehicle is too small or too large, you won’t be able to operate it properly. Also, look for model with safety features. Learn to use it before going in traffic. Check your scooter regularly for wear and tear. Avoid riding on the street, especially during rush hours.