How to pump a bike tire without a pump?

So, if you find yourself in this situation how will you do it? There are actually a couple of different ways to pump up your bike tire without having an actual bike pump.

You can also use another type of air compressor like one for a car if there is one available and you know how to operate it properly. Another option would be trying out these hacks listed below:

– You could try using compressed air from another source such as cans or bottles that store pressurized gas (make sure they aren’t too old).

– Make your own mini tire pumping tool by inflating a balloon, sealing off the opening with some kind of plug, all the air out then quickly cutting the balloon and removing it.

– You could also try sucking up some water into a thin hose, plugging one end of it with your thumb and placing the other over the tire valve to let air in as you release your grip on your thumb. And if all else fails just take your bicycle or bike tires to a local repair shop where they can pump them for you using actual equipment designed specifically for this purpose.

The how to pump a bike tire without a pump guide above is very comprehensive but there are several different options that will work well depending on how much time you have available and how much money you want to spend (if any).