OKAI Neon Electric Scooter review

The OKAI Neon Electric Scooter is a stylish and powerful way to get around town. It sets itself apart from the competition with its maximum speed of 20 mph, rechargeable battery capacity of 12Ah and its ability to reach maximum power in less than three hours. This electric scooter is perfect for those who want an easy, reliable way to get around town on their own terms.

When it comes to design features, the OKAI Neon Electric Scooter performs admirably. The frame is made of high-grade aluminum that gives it a lightweight construction yet offers plenty of durability. It sports a sleek black finish that gives it a modern aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads. The motor has been designed for maximum power output, giving you the best performance possible while still keeping the scooter silent during operation.

As far as practical usability goes, the OKAI Neon Electric Scooter excels in all areas. Its top speed of 20 mph, rechargeable battery capacity of 12Ah and its ability to reach maximum power in less than three hours allows for an incredibly convenient ride. It also features anti-slip rubber pedals which make for better control when cornering or braking and improved traction on uneven surfaces.

In terms of safety features, the OKAI Neon Electric Scooter makes sure that riders are always prepared for any situation they may encounter while riding. Its dual brakes provide reliable stopping power when needed while LEDs located on the front and back illuminate your path during dark rides home . Additionally, its superior range ensures that users can reach their destination without worry about running out of charge due to low battery levels or being stranded due to distance travelled being too great for one charge alone.


  • Top Speed Up To 20mph
  • Rechargeable Battery Capacity of 12AH
  • Quick Charging Time – Less than 3 Hours
  • Maximum Power Output for Easy Riding
  • High Grade Aluminum Frame Offers Lightweight Construction but Durable Design
  • Anti Slip Rubber Pedals Provide Better Control When Cornering or Braking
  • Dual Brakes Provide Reliable Stopping Power Whenever Needed


  • No Suspension or Shock Absorption Features
  • Not the Lightest Option Available at 38 lbs.

It is possible to upgrade the battery capacity of the OKAI Neon Electric Scooter from 12Ah to 16Ah?

This upgrade will provide more power and range for travelling, allowing users to reach their destination with less need for recharging in between. However, this upgrade may also add additional weight to the scooter which could affect performance if not managed carefully. Therefore, it is recommended that users who wish to upgrade to 16Ah first look into ways they can offset the added weight before making such a decision.


The OKAI Neon Electric Scooter is an excellent choice for people looking for a reliable way to get around town with style and ease. Its combination of powerful motor capabilities and superior range makes it versatile enough for different types of scenarios while providing enough stability through anti slip rubber pedals and dual brakes so users can feel secure whenever travelling across town on this electric scooter. Those who are comfortable sacrificing some shock absorption features will find this electric scooter meets their needs nicely regardless if riding in day or night time conditions as LEDs keep riders visible under all circumstances