Presta vs schrader valves

Although the valves on your bicycle tires might not seem like the most important factor to consider as a rider, they do play a very important role in your hobby. Those who are beginning road biking may only now be noticing that there are different types of valves used on bike tires. There are Presta valves and …

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Best electric scooter for adults – 250 lbs plus weight

Over the years, the heavy-duty electric scooter has become a sensation in the urban setting. This popularity directly results from the best electric scooter for adults offering portable, convenient, fun to use, and eco-friendly transportation. However, the best benefit of owning an electric scooter is the ability to skirt through heavy traffic during rush hour …

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Road Bikes vs Hybrid

Road bikes vs hybrid

There are many debates within the cycling industry. There are discussions about best riders, components, or even chamois cream.  When considering road bikes vs hybrid, it has been debated on what is the best, ever since the hybrid was introduced. Let’s cut to the chase, ultimately the difference between the two bike types is your body …

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