Recommended Electric Bike Accessories

Electric Bikes have become incredibly popular in recent years. Tons of electric bike accessories have flooded the market in order to capitalize on the trend. There are so many accessories for electric bikes that it can overwhelming trying to decide what to buy next. To aid your shopping, we have created this list of recommended electric bike accessories. Each of these items offers a huge upgrade to the overall riding experience.

1. Repair Tool Kit

The first e-Bike accessory you should spring for is a repair kit. There will inevitably come a time when you need to repair your bike. Having a tool kit with you on each ride is the best way to prepare for an emergency. Electric bikes require specific tools to get basic repairs done. A specialized repair kit for e-bikes will have everything you need in a neatly organized package. When you pull out your cranks with a proper pulling tool, you’ll be very glad you invested in a repair kit.

2. Helmet

Although it may sound very cliché, wearing a helmet is a great way to mitigate a disaster when riding. Even a cheap helmet is far better than driving around defenseless. That said, it is well worth it to pay for a high-quality helmet. Premium headwear is far more durable and can absorb harsher impacts. The few extra dollars it takes to get a solid piece of equipment is nothing compared to the medical bills that can occur when you don’t protect yourself properly.

3. Tube Repair Kit

Rubber tube tires will always go flat if you ride on them long enough. If you plan to use your e-bike regularly, then you will want to invest in a tube repair kit. The average kit will include rubber patches, rubber glue, and a piece of rough metal. These objects are all you need to patch up any punctures throughout the surface of the tire. Once the air can no longer escape, you need to pump up the tire. A manual air pump is more than enough to get the job done. Pumping by hand for a few minutes is way better than walking home for an hour.

4. Lights

Riding any bike in low visibility situations is a recipe for disaster. That is if you don’t have any lights to alert traffic to your presence. Even a single LED light is enough to make you stand out to a driver at night. Without any illumination, cars and other vehicles likely won’t see you. Many collisions can be averted by simply placing a light on your electric bike. While many bikes come with stock reflectors, having an external light source will ensure your safety. These lights most commonly come in red or white. They can be placed on the front or rear of any electric bike.

5. Padded Hand Grips, Seats, and Pedals

You will constantly make contact with your grips, seat, and pedals during each ride. Splurging on luxury material for these components is an excellent way to augment your experience across the board. Ergonomic grips reduce the amount of stress your hands experience on long drives. Your hands will thank you when you apply for this upgrade. Seats can gain extra padding, and be modded to include suspension under the base. A suspension system will absorb any shocks caused by uneven terrain. Pedals can also be extended to improve overall comfort. When each upgrade is applied over time, your bike becomes way more relaxing to drive.

6. Mud Guards

Not only does mud ruin the look of your electric bike, but it can even cause damage over time. When it starts to rain during a ride, mud tends to shoot up as you ride past. The mud can get inside the internals of your vehicle and leave you filthy. Mudguards prevent any kicked up mud from getting on your bike. There are tons of styles to choose from. This comes down to personal preference, as each mudguard provides equal protection from the elements.

7. Mirrors

If you drive your car around town, you always use a mirror to know what’s behind you. Driving an electric bike should be no different. Adding rear-view mirrors is a great way to increase your safety while commuting. Handlebar mirrors are the most common and easy to install. These give you a great view of your surroundings without needing to turn your head. You can also get a traditional motorcycle mirror if you so prefer. If you love future tech, you can even get a pair of glasses that double as driving mirrors.

8. Bell

While it may seem like a useless novelty, equipping your bike with a bell can be very useful. A bell allows you to communicate with people you share the road with. Your electric bike zips around much quicker than regular cycles or pedestrians. Ringing a bell is a great way to get someone’s attention at a moment’s notice. Having a way to communicate on the road just might save your life one day. There are tons of different bells to choose from. You can get a basic bell for just a few dollars. You can also spring for a flashy design that gives your bike some more personality.

9. Bike Locks

Electric bikes hold a relatively high value compared to other personal transport vehicles. This makes it a common target for theft. To protect your investment, you want to lock down your bike whenever you take it out in public. Most e-bikes are designed with standard bike locks in mind. You can bind your electric bike to a post in the exact same manner as a cycle. Ensure you get a quality lock that is capable of withstanding basic attacks. A reliable lock is much cheaper than buying a brand new e-bike.

10. Digital Multimeter

If you plan on doing any custom modification to your electric bike, you will want to pick up a digital multimeter. This device will allow you to monitor your voltage output and check cable continuity. This allows you to test your builds in a safe environment. If you hook up the wrong cables by mistake, you can fry the electrical components and render the bike useless. The multimeter will remove any human error when attaching each cable. You can also get a more advanced meter that measures temperature, current, and frequency. Electric bikes have tons of potential when you take the time to learn the ins and outs of each model.


There are many different accessories you can use to customize your e-bike. Even if you don’t have much technical experience, most of these accessories are easy to install on any bike. The more accessories you obtain, the more prepared you will be for whatever life throws at you when out on the road. You can also personalize your vehicle with nearly endless cosmetic options. When you get creative, there is no limit to what you can do with an e-bike.