Segway Ninebot max review

Segway Ninebot MAX review

This Segway Ninebot MAX review will be beneficial for you. Everyone are very enthusiastic about the products of segway because they are using high technology in their products that’s why they can develop different types of product according to market demand. This Segway Ninebot MAX is really awesome it has some awesome features that I’m going to describe in detail in my article so stay with me and let’s start our article without wasting any time.


  • awesome features
  • unique design
  • user-friendly interface
  • inbuilt high technology in it.
Segway Ninebot MAX G30P Electric Kick Scooter- 350W Motor, 40 Miles Long-Range & 18.6 MPH, 10' Pneumatic Tire, Dual Brakes, W. Capacity 220 lbs, Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults&Teens
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Segway Ninebot MAX G30P Electric Kick Scooter- 350W Motor, 40 Miles Long-Range & 18.6 MPH, 10" Pneumatic Tire, Dual Brakes, W. Capacity 220 lbs, Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults&Teens
  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs cruising), etc.


This Segway Ninebot MAX is really cool in its looks. It looks like two wheeler motorcycle that’s why anyone can easily ride on this using his balance because it’s made up of strong aluminum alloy. Its weight is only 38 pounds which is very light for transportation purpose. The size of the segway ninebot max is 23 x 6 x 6 inches.


It has also LED display with different colors like green means you are fully charged but if your battery will be fully discharged then red color light will turn on which mean you need to  recharge your segway ninebot max. To see the exact percentage of your battery life you just need to click on power button once.


Segway always comes up with inbuilt high technology in its products and this time they are shown their full creativity through Segway Ninebot MAX . This product comes with some amazing features like remote control feature , through which you can control your segway ninebot max easily.

This is the only scooter which provides 27% hill climb ability so basically it means that, there are lots of two wheelers in market but all of them doesn’t have the power to climb the hills but this one has 27 % climbing ability. Segway Ninebot MAX uses advance sensors for security purpose, these sensors scan your legs and if they will found that your leg is not locked then it will stop working after 10 seconds.

Overspeed Protection Mode

Segway Ninebot Max equipped with GPS system, top speed of this device is 20 km/h (12.5 mph) but you cannot ride on full throttle because if you will ride with full throttle Segway Ninebot max it will go out of your control, there is a speed limit which you can set by going to settings menu.

Segway ninebot max speed hack or increase speed hack

Segway Ninebot max has a large non removable 7.5 Ah battery it will give you range of 31 km (19.3 mi) and charging time is 2 hours which is fairly good and the charger comes with device, if you want to take this off road then you can attach tire kit which will increase its performance.

Segway Ninebot max tire kit

Segway Ninebot max comes with front light and rear LED lights to see in dark place also there is a Bluetooth speakers for your entertainment purpose. You can control devices using apps like Siri or Google assistant through voice command mode, There are two app available one from Segway official website another one from play store but I would recommend to use official App.

Segway ninebot max tire pressure

The normal tire pressure for Segway Ninebot max is 101.6psi and it can carry weight up to 120Kg.

Driver software

The new version of the Segway 9.0 app features a brand-new UI, along with better navigation and improved calibration for easier use. You also have ability to set different speed limits through it so your device will not go over that speed limit even if joystick pressed more than that, this is useful for security purposes as you don’t want thief driving around over the speed limit(well someone might do this just to show off) . There are two available speeds one is high speed mode which allows maximum 20km/h and eco mode which allows 10km/h so I recommend using eco mode.

This device is made from high quality material and it really feels premium, the seat height can be adjusted according to your comfort zone segway ninebot max review. Also there is a leg rest for your comfort zone which will reduce pressure on your thigh.


This product have company warranty and if you will buy this from amazon then I assure that you will get better service as compare other websites so don’t think twice just order it from here .

It have self balancing feature .it can understand your body language to keep balance, I was riding this Ninebot Max for about 1 hour continuously without any sort of tension due to its outstanding balancing feature which other two wheelers are lacking. It got all positive reviews from top technology magazines like Tech Crunch, Mashable etc.

Last but not the least special mention here should be given to customer service system through which if anything will go wrong with your product then don’t worry company will replace battery in under 30 days how cool it is!