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Skateboard vs. Cruiser vs. Longboard

When you are shopping for a skateboard, you are bound to come across different types and shapes. Unfortunately, this can be quite confusing for you if you are not familiar with the various forms of skateboards available.

Don’t worry as this article will describe a skateboard, cruiser, and longboard by showing you their purposes, pros, and cons.


This is one of the most common boards used by skaters. A skateboard is usually used by individuals that are interested in performing a wide range of skating tricks. A typical skateboard is good for sliding over rails, flipping, and grinding ledges. Because of this, they are often found with bowl skaters, vert skaters, and street skaters.


  • Generally, a skateboard is for performing tricks and other technical skating skills. They are not designed for commuting. If you have a skateboard, you can take it to a skate park or street for performing different kinds of tricks.


  • Since they are small and lightweight, skateboards are easy to carry from one place to another. You can strap a skateboard to your backpack, carry it inside a bus, or even store it in a school locker.
  • When compared to a longboard, a skateboard is quite affordable. With $100, you can get a skateboard for learning and performing different skating tricks.
  • Skateboards are often used for adrenaline-rushing activities. Therefore, they can be utilized as a tool for exercising your body.


  • Because of the activities they are used for and the grip tape on them, skateboards are going to damage your shoes. Notably, this will depend on how often you use your skateboard.
  • Skateboards are designed for skating technical skills. Unfortunately, you are likely going to injure yourself while performing these skills, especially if you are a beginner.


A cruiser is another form of a skateboard that allows you to glide on the ground. In general, cruisers are available in numerous sizes and shapes. They are known for promoting quick acceleration as you ride on them.

Besides, cruisers offer immense comfort and balance that you can hardly find in skateboards and longboards. While cruisers are usually taller than skateboards, they tend to be lighter than longboards.


  • The basic purpose of a cruiser is short-distance transportation. So, if you want to navigate the city, ride around a school campus, visit a place in your neighborhood, or even go to work, a cruiser is your best choice.


  • Cruisers are usually lightweight, short, and portable. So, you can carry a cruiser inside a train, on a bus, in the office or store, and at a restaurant. They can also be easily stored without taking much space.
  • Cruisers are easy to maneuver to avoid people, vehicles, and other kinds of obstacles. This is why they are good for short-distance in crowded places.
  • Cruisers are beginner-friendlier than longboards and skateboards. This is because they have larger wheels that can deal with rougher roads. Also, they have more stability and balance than other types.


  • If you want to ride downhill, you should avoid cruisers.
  • Cruisers are not recommended for long-distance rides


Out of these three options, longboards are known to be the tallest and heaviest. Like other types, they also come in different sizes and shapes. Due to their sizes, longboards are often more difficult to control than skateboards and cruisers. Additionally, longboards have slower acceleration than the other two types.


  • The most common purpose of a longboard is long-distance transportation. You can use it to travel long-distance in an area with no or fewer people or obstacles.
  • Also, a longboard can be used for racing downhill or doing other extreme activities. However, you must note that these extreme activities are usually dangerous. Hence, only pro skaters should consider using longboards for such activities.


  • Longboards provide varieties as they can be used for long-distance commute, skating tricks, cruise, and even race.
  • Because of their sizes, they provide more room for people with bigger feet.
  • Once you have a good understanding of how a longboard works, it is easier to balance.
  • They don’t require much effort to use for cruising. Besides, they can glide through rocks and other small obstacles without much hassle.
  • Longboards are usually more durable than the other options.


  • On average, longboards are more expensive than others.
  • Longboards are bulky; thus, they can be difficult to carry around.

Comparison of the specifications of skateboards, cruisers, and longboards

Β  Skateboard Cruiser Longboard
Length 30” to 32” 28” to 37” 36” to 60”
Width 6” to 10” 7” to 9.5” 7” to 10”
Weight 6 to 9.5 pounds 6.5 to 10 pounds 8 to 11 pounds
Cost $70 to $150 $60 to $100 $150 to $250

With the information above, you should now be able to differentiate skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. Therefore, selecting the best one for your needs and tastes shouldn’t be challenging.