Top 5 Electric Scooter Brands

Ready to buy an electric scooter? Depending on your needs and budget, you can go for a basic model or one with cutting edge features. From city scooters and mobility scooters to hoverboards, there are hundreds of models available. Choose a trusted brand that offers quality products at affordable rates. Read customer reviews and do some research before spending your money.

Here are top five electric scooter brands you can trust:


This award-winning company has been selling electric scooters since 2000. The brand has been recognized year in and year out for its quality products, which are the symbol of freedom and fun. Razor electric scooters are built for adventure, featuring an innovative design, durable frames, extra wide tires, and powerful engines. Some models reach up to 19 miles per hour and boast a retractable kick stand, luggage rack, padded seat, and twist-grip acceleration control.

IO Hawk

IO Hawk has been featured in major media publications, offering a wide range of products for kids and adults. The company provides self-balancing electric scooters in various colors and styles. These electricity-powered vehicles have a compact design, bold colors, and advanced safety features. Some can be connected to your iPhone or iPad, and take only two hours to charge.

eVoy Technologies

This company is best known for the popular Cellot self-balancing e-scooter. Its products meet the highest quality standards and appeal to young professionals. Smart, fast, and intuitive, the scooters designed by eVoy Technologies are powered by Samsung Lithium Ion Batteries and can reach up to 14 miles per hour. They feature thick ABS waterproof casing, reinforced aluminum alloy frames, multiple speed modes, and increased functionality.


Founded in 1999, Segway is a leading manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles. The famous Segway PT, its bestselling product, has received numerous awards. The company offers one-wheel electric scooters, mobility scooters, miniature scooters with remote control, and three-wheel personal transportation devices. Most models reach up to 12.5 miles per hour, featuring two operational settings, security systems, knee control bars, wide decks, and long lasting batteries.


GoPed specializes in kick scooters, electric scooters, and gas scooters. The company has been in business for over 30 years, offering world-class products for every budget. Customers can buy cheap electric scooters and hoverboards as well as riding apparel, karts, and accessories. The bestselling scooters developed by GoPed feature on-board smart chargers, aircraft aluminum alloy frames, front and rear disc brakes, and high-strength racing style handlebars for maximum support.