What are the advantages of the e-bike over the bicycle

What are the advantages of the e-bike over the bicycle?

For short journeys in the city, an e-bike is usually faster than a car, and the child trailer with a pedelec is used more often in hilly regions.
Generally, the electric bike covers longer distances and is used twice as often as a regular bike.

Electric bike — for the heart

People with heart failure or circulatory diseases can build up their condition slowly and healthily without overloading — with the electric bike.

The heart can also recover from exercise like any other muscle. However, patients with cardiovascular issues should consult their doctor beforehand. It is important to monitor the heart rate during training. There, te pulse values ​​specified by the doctor must not be exceeded.

Electric bike — so that nothing crackles

While riding an e-bike, ankles, knees, and hips are moved evenly without stress peaks. As a result, the articular cartilage is better supplied with nutrients and regenerates faster.

In the case of chronic joint inflammation, in addition to the medication, moderate exercise on an electric bike can improve mobility. Besides, the movement in nature increases the quality of life of all the people considerably.

Electric bike — good for your back?

When riding an electric bike, the bodyweight is mostly distributed to the buttocks, upper body, and legs. There are no positions that strain the intervertebral discs and joints.

The correct back-appropriate adjustment of the bike builds up and strengthens the large back muscles. This way, the intervertebral discs are better supplied with nutrients. The deep muscles between the individual vertebrae are also trained. That stabilizes the spine and improves posture.

Electric bikes are fun

The fun factor with the electric bike is much greater than with a normal bike, especially for those who don’t like sports. Fun and joy are important elixirs of life for us humans.

Long tours with the best electric mountain bike are also possible for beginners or people with health restrictions. These long tours strengthen confidence in your own body and its abilities. Also, the release of happiness hormones (dopamine) is increased. These protect against depression and make us happier.

Electric bike instead of a diet

The stress on the body is lower when we ride the electric bike. It allows our metabolism to get the energy it needs for burning fat. That means training with low intensity (in the aerobic area) leads to weight loss.

With higher loads, the energy generation from the body’s fat deposits is not sufficient. Therefore, the energy must be obtained from the muscles (glycogen). But these are quickly become used up, which leads to hypoglycemia and, thus, to hunger. If you don’t eat properly, you may be confronted with a “hunger branch.” The performance drops very sharply, and frequently it is no longer possible to continue driving.

This overload can be avoided with an e-bike. However, a small meal should still be taken for longer tours. It can consist of fruit or muesli bars. Even when riding an e-bike, you get a sweat, so always take something to drink with you because even a lack of liquid leads to a drop in performance.

Electric biking for your breathing

Exercise at the right dose can reduce asthma symptoms.

With the support of an electric motor, asthmatics can dose their breathing stress better and slowly get used to the sport.

This way, the lungs and circulation are strengthened, and there is no overload. But as with all other diseases, the same applies here: speak to your doctor before starting the training.

 Conclusion about e-bikes

The bike was previously one of the healthiest sports equipment, but now it is being replaced by the e-bike.

It is the ideal training device, especially for those returning to work, those who don’t like sports, people with disabilities, or the elderly.

Thanks to the individually switchable motor support, everyone can find their optimal load and training speed. There is also help in the form of three-wheeled electric bikes for people with balance disorders.

Another purpose is the e-bike use in everyday life. It means that the training begins with the daily trip to work or shopping.

Extra advantage

It is said the electric bikes reduce the divorce rate. The differences in couples can be compensated for with the help of electric bikes. On the bike tours together, they both have fun again! It is a sport that not only boosts your mood but also improves and strengthens your relationships with your dear ones.

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