What to Wear Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, what you wear and what equipment you bring with you is important to both your safety and the quality of your ride. In this post we will discuss what clothes should be worn while mountain biking, what shoes are best for the sport, as well as some useful accessories for those long rides in the woods.

Mountain Biking Shorts and Padding

When mountain biking you should always wear padded shorts. These will protect your legs from scrapes and cuts that may occur when riding over rough terrain as well as prevent chaffing around the saddle area. There are a variety of options available to suit what type of bicycling experience you’re looking for, including spandex-style bike pants with padding built right in; or looser fitting baggier designs which allow more air circulation on those hot summer rides.

Mountain Biking Jerseys

For most comfort riding a mountain bike it’s best to opt for a cycling jersey. These shirts usually come with pockets on the back where you can store what ever equipment or snacks that are necessary while riding, and also include moisture wicking fabric which will keep you cool and dry after long sweaty hours in the saddle. If you’re looking for even more ventilation then consider purchasing a sleeveless version of this shirt – however if temperatures start dropping during your ride be sure to add layers underneath before heading out into those colder conditions.

Mountain Biking Gloves

Your hands are what will be taking the brunt of any impact during a mountain biking ride. That’s why it is important to ensure that you purchase high quality gloves which have been designed for this specific type of riding. Look out for padded palms, adjustable straps and breathable material in order to keep your hands comfortable regardless of what Mother Nature has in store with regards to weather conditions.

Mountain biking clothes are usually made from moisture wicking fabric which allows wearers stay dry after long hours while cycling .

Cold-Weather Clothing for Mountain Biking

Cold weather is what a lot of mountain bikers fear, what if it’s raining or snowing when I’m out on the trail? What should you wear to keep warm and dry? Well here is what we recommend:

  • Use windproof fabrics for pants and jacket.
  • Waterproof breathable (GoreTex) jackets are great at keeping water out but don’t stay very well with sweat so think about that before buying one.
  • Wear gloves – can be insulated for extra warmth as well as waterproofed in case it starts to rain while riding.

Bike Jackets
One of the most important pieces of mountain biking clothing you will need is your bike jacket. A good quality, high visibility cycling rain jacket should be what you’re looking for here. You’ll want to make sure that it’s waterproof and breathable (most are) but also look at the zippers and what they’re made out of as well as other attributes/features like pit-zips or wrist cuffs with Velcro straps.

Arm/Leg Warmers and Hats
In the winter, it can get very cold on your ride so you’ll want to avoid getting too exposed. A good pair of arm and leg warmers not only look stylish but they will keep you nice and cozy without making you overheat or feel sweaty. In terms of what hat to wear for mountain biking – pretty much any type is fine as long as it fits snugly around the head (not flopping all about) and has some sort of strap/cord that keeps it in place while riding at high speeds.

Mountain Biking Footwear
When buying shoes specifically made for cycling make sure that they’re comfortable enough where your feet won’t hurt after a few hours into your ride but also durable enough to hold up during more

Mountain Biking Helmets

Mountain biking helmets are very important to protect your head while biking. When buying a mountain bike helmet, you want to make sure that the chin strap is secure and tight so it doesn’t come off when sliding or falling down. Another thing to consider when purchasing a new helmet is what type of vents are on the front side. If there isn’t any ventilation then it can get very hot inside if you aren’t going downhill fast enough, which means more sweat in your eyes and not being able to see as well on the trail ahead of you.

Mountain Biking Pads and Armor

To protect your body and what you are wearing, mountain biking pads and armor is a great idea. These protective pieces of equipment can be worn under your clothes so they aren’t seen or uncomfortable to wear while riding around on the trails. The most common type of pads that you will see people wearing are knee pads and elbow/forearm guards .

Most popular biking armor brands are Fox Racing, Troy Lee and Dainese.

Mountain Biking Packs

One of the things that you must have when mountain biking is a good bag. A good mountain bike pack will have many different compartments and pockets. Mountain biking packs are great because it is what you can store all your goods in, such as snacks, water bottles and tools or repair kits.

They should also be comfortable to wear on the back while riding a bicycle for hours at a time. It’s important that they fit correctly so there isn’t any type of movement when being worn but still remain protected from falling off your shoulders too much while going down rough terrain . The best way to find out if one is correct would be by trying them on with what you plan on wearing underneath before making the purchase online!


I hope that this article has shown what to wear during mountain biking. The best pieces of advice I can give are:

– Wear breathable, loose clothing.

– Avoid wearing denim as it gets caught on pedals and brakes easily.

– Bring a small backpack with a water bottle in the summer or rain gear if there is snow on the ground where you are riding.

This will help keep you hydrated and warm for your ride!